Famous Weapons & Armors

Yeah, the axe looks sort of generic. It's meant to be the axe from Dark Souls.

Power Glove:

Ivory & Ebony:

Famous Weapons & Armors

Hmm... I'll give it a shot, not sure if it'll be distinctive enough (like the buster sword for example).

Fallout Armor, still WIP:

Famous Weapons & Armors

I don't think the staff would be recognizable.

Also, the masks category has already been covered with the Vega mask.

TMNT would be hard to recognize as well.

I like the Power Glove though although it's not really a weapon per say.

I've done the Donkey Kong hammer:

I'll think about the Tonfa. Again, not sure people will be able to quickly relate.

Famous Weapons & Armors

Not sure about that knife though. If someone has an edit, it'd be nice.

Famous Weapons & Armors

Funny, I just finished the Buster Sword:

I'll give the knife a shot.

Famous Weapons & Armors

@Sooz: It looks cool but I'm not sure it's iconic enough on its own. I mean, I wouldn't recognize this design as part of a video game but then again I'm not a Silent Hill buff so that might be part of it.

Famous Weapons & Armors

Good idea, done!

What else?

Famous Weapons & Armors

Hello guys,

So I'm working on the forge for my game and I want to adorn the walls with various famous weapons from video games... and I've run out of ideas.

I have the Master Sword and the axe from Dark Souls at the moment. I'd like to have more weapons which are recognizable. They should all be different types (bow, flail, two handed sword, etc...).

If you could provide a reference picture, that'd be extra nice although I can use google image to find it myself.

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Colors mess up for GIF

That's so weird. They look completely different at my place, on is missing colors. I guess it is a local issue. Thanks!