[Art] Miniatures

So I'm not quite there yet uh.

Here's a few more:

[Art] Miniatures


Could you tell me which one you think look best and why? It's supposed to be a soldier miniature sort of like you see in Warhammer. How would you improve on it?


Very pro. Eye flashing is a bit over the top for my liking, I'd tone it down a bit but the drawing itself is very pro.


New Progress Tree, third version. Pan's token moves around using stars earned through card mastery. Moving forward colors the blue tiles orange. Any orange tile is "owned" and any skill on the tile is therefore acquired.

I'm thinking of using whole stars to acquire blue tiles and half-stars to backtrack on already acquired orange tiles.

The token with horns is a random encounter which is best avoided which moves randomly across the board, blocking certain upgrade paths unless beaten.

Devlog 97: Introducing Tutorials

Oh well that's good to hear.

There's still a lot of polishing to be done combat wise. I'm pretty excited about adding new rooms, I can't see that sewer screen anymore!

Devlog 96: A Sound Decision

Yup, I just sent the last animations just now. Jeff (the programmer) told me he would have a video clip today to show the card mastery system and pronunciation.

Devlog 96: A Sound Decision

As you've said, I'm already past Greenlight so this won't affect me. Otherwise, yes, a higher fee is likely to reduce crapware on Steam, we'll have to wait and see!

Eye of Uzola

Can't get to that pulsating floor screenshot:

It looks really neat, it's too bad the there's never going on the circle in the middle of the screen. All those pulsating lines going there and it being the focus of the room, it really should have some color animation I think.

Curious game selection.

Have you considered contacting the mod/admin in private first before making this a public issue? People usually respond better when they're contacted in PM politely as opposed to put on the spot in a thread like this one.

Devlog 95: To pronunce or not to pronunce, that is the question!

It's the only way to level up, yes :).