Super Toaster X: Learn Japanese

Thanks, you can find the game here:

I'm currently in discussion with eplipswitch to have him record audio of the pronunciation of words. Will keep you guys updated.

Devlog 94: Steam We Go!

I didn't announce it before, that's why.

It's going fairly well I think. I mean, for Early Access.

Devlog 93: Steam's... challenges let's call it

Hello NTC3, thanks for the reply. I was considering stopping my game development updates at RMN due to lack of interaction with the userbase. Somewhat feels like I'm talking to myself at times. So I do appreciate you not only reading but also replying.

I also watch Jim Sterlin's channel. He's my favorite youtuber. I appreciate his integrity and no-bullshit attitude.

I like to think that I got the basic rules predicting success or failure sorted, but often, you'll never know.

I think that would certainly make you part of the minority. Understanding and predicting sales is nothing short of a complex science as it involves a lot of variables which themselves are hard not only to identify but to properly scope and make predictions about. Good on you for having a good understanding of things like that. I must admit I am more insecure about making such predictions.

Then, it appears people have gotten used to refunds since they were introduced last year, and will use them when they think they paid for rubbish

I agree, thank god for refunds. Hopefully customers can tell within 10 minutes if they're playing shovelware. Refunds was a very good move on Valve's part to protect their customers.

Not to sound like a perfectionist but, although customers are not really at risk on Steam, there's still the issue of having too many games accepted which hurts, I believe, every developer out there, even the best ones. I'd be petty to simply criticize a business practice without providing a possible solution. Mine is simple: sacrifice profit and hire individuals with clear guidelines for curating the game gallery. Having customers do Valve's work (voting on Greenlight) is nothing short of sleazy (I wrote lazy at first but there's more to it). It's a way not to hire people to filter the content of their platform. That's all there is to it.

This leads to various scams like giving gifts for votes and so on which of course wouldn't happen if employees were in charge. Not everything should be up to the public, certainly not the content of a platform to sell goods.

, you'll see that nearly all are stuck at ~1000 sales or so, regardless of how much time had passed since their release.

I didn't know you could tell how many sales a game has made. 1000 seems like a tremendous amount! On the bright side, better put together games probably have better results.

I've been told the best advertisement was to make something good enough that people will talk about it. I think I'll invest my efforts in this endeavor and see how it goes rather than contact youtubers for now.

Thank you, my objectives are very modest so achieving them shouldn't be too hard.

Sooz Arts aww yiss

I tried to email him before and couldn't find anything on the net for the life of me. I googled over and over and couldn't find an email. Could you send it my way please if you have a minute?

suzy's art

Interesting style, you're standing out! Keep at it!

Sooz Arts aww yiss

Congratulations on being tweeted by Jim Sterling again. I'm jealous!


There's a bug. For some reason the wrong file is uploaded... :(. This one should be different than the previous one.

Pixel Art For Sale: Looking for Suggestions


What kind of art would guys like to see? What do you think would be popular?

Pixel Art For Sale: Looking for Suggestions

Could a mod change the title to: "Pixel Art For Sale: Looking for Suggestions" please? I've edited the first message as I can't create new threads.

Thank you!

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I tried logging off and logging in but it still doesn't work.