Game Mechanics Part 5

Are there any more details on the Anima system? Will we be able to tell what our values are during situations where dialog will be changed by the system? Like an on-screen window or something?

What are your plans for the Day/Night system outside of what you have stated, if any?

Game Mechanics Part 4

I like how much you are putting into the Grand Classes. Since they are supposed to be hard to unlock, making them worth that time is necessary. Are we going to learn about any more Grand Classes in these blogs or is that something that will be revealed in later types of posts?

Also you mentioned a bit in the latest post how non-magic and magic mixed compound classes are going to work for that Lancer/Mage class. Are we going to be given information on all of the Compound Classes like that to get an idea of the total landscape of class choices and their perks?

Finally, how are the No Item and Boss Rush modes going to work?

Legend of Emilar

Oops, I thought I posed this on the Game Mechanics 14 blog. Moving it there, but wanted to say that I have been digging these blog posts. So much new information, its getting me excited for the game again.

Keep it up! Can't wait to see how all of this wild stuff comes together in the end. I haven't heard of many RPG Maker games as ambitious as this one is.
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