Towelket One More Time 4 ~Ocean~

Finally! It's here! This is the episode I've ever wanted to play because if I remember correctly it's the one not focused on aliens and robots

True, this one is the most "fairytale-ish" one. Just expect it to be a bit confusing if you haven't played Tk6 beforehand.

Towelket One More Time

Is the game bugged by any chance? I'm stuck in the starting island where you have to build the raft. There's a path leading upwards but there aren't any transfer events on it that take me to a different map.

You need to talk to all the girls first, and then check the raft (I think), then you and Conchelle should go find the engine. Basically, check everything you can, the game is a bit more convoluted in terms of exploration than the others (besides Tk4).
Also, the game can contain some minor bugs (as most of Kanao's titles usually do), but none of them is a gamebreaking one.

So this is the first episode, correct??
I should probably start form this one

Right, I should have mentioned the correct order in the synopsis, so sorry for that. The order is: 3, 2, 1, 6, 4, Fury etc. (the rest is untranslated yet).

Burial Review

Great review, thank you a lot for the hard work :)

Regarding the vague script: originally, the game supposed to be much longer (even the old maps not included in the final version are still presented in the project, without any text though), but the developer decided to cut it off due to both lack of experience with the engine, and other technical difficulties. That's why the story feels lacking some details, probably.

As for the puzzles and endings: mind you, the game is easy mode now compared to what it was at first, lol. The true ending had so many easy-to-miss conditions, that it was barely possible to achieve without guides (and even so), hence why the game didn't gain much popularity in Japanese community. Fortunately, the dev decided to ease the conditions in the translated version, and asked us (the translators) to implement all the necessary changes and fixes.

Towelket One More Time 3

Uploaded on here? Woohoo! Possible Misao nomination :)

Better later than never :)

Towelket One More Time 3

Nice to see another translation! there a Towelket 1 and/or 2?

Towelket 2 is expected to be submitted soon, I hope. Towelket 1 still requires some checking/editing. There're several other entries on the way, too.

[RM2K] Problem with smooth colors on importing the edited images back

Usually that happens from the image editor you're using, specifically export/save settings. I have never used irfanview though so I wouldn't know about the specifics of it.

I only work with when it comes to editing images from maker, that's why I can't understand why this keeps happening (and only on this particular game).

[RM2K] Problem with smooth colors on importing the edited images back

It seems like I found the solution, and it was much easier than I expected. For some reason some of the images were being saved not with 256 colors, but with several millions of them (see the screen). After transforming them to 256 colors in IfranView everything works perfectly well now.

Now I feel kinda embarrassed for hurrying with making the thread without trying to solve the problem myself first, but anyway, maybe somebody can tell, what could be the reason for some of the images getting saved with these millions of colors?

[RM2K] Problem with smooth colors on importing the edited images back

Hi guys. I'm currently working on Seraphic Blue translation, and I've been struggling a lot with importing the edited background menu images back. The problem is that I use the same background for every image, and on some of them the colors stay smooth in the game:

...and on some the smoothness becomes completely broken:

I did read this article, but before going deeper I just want to be sure that there isn't a more simple solution, because again, some of the images I edited didn't get all messed up for some reason.

Honestly, it's the first game where I've got a problem like this, so I'm not that experienced in using IfranView for fixing images (or better say, I don't know how to use it at all). I presume the problem is in the writings, because when I tried to import just a blank background, it worked perfectly fine.

Anyways, if anybody's willing to help me, here's the link with the folder containing the examples of edited images and the original ones. I don't want you to fix it for me ofc, I just want to know what makes the problem:

Thanks beforehand.

Devil of the Mirror

Added a download link + uploaded a new version with fixed movies (they should work now for everyone).

Played this on and really enjoyed it! Will try to write a review soon but in the meantime I’m just putting my recommendation here.

We're looking forward to read it! (the developer too, I'm sure)

[RM2K]How to make a stage music continue playing during battle encounters?


Many thanks to you! Though your method didn't work at first, so I try to change something, and then it started working as intended (to be precious: I added the "Battle End" BGM option with the same track). Thanks again!

Can't you just change the Battle BGM to the same song as your map?

Yeah, but it crops the music on victory.

Here's the exact event, if anybody's interested:
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