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Light Novel Release!

Wow! That's amazing! Good luck!!!

Aww, thank you so much!!! <3


Is the game finished ? If yes, will there be a downloadable version where the four chapters will be put into one folder (RAR/ZIP/etc.) ? If no, what is left to be done ?

Sorry for the super late reply!!

Yep, the game is 100% done! The story will still continue via book, but the game itself is completely finished. Each chapter will be available separately, as placing them all into one ZIP file will take up too much space.

1 Game a Day / 1 Month

This is brilliant; creating one game a day is a surefire way to get the hang of RPGM!!

I do agree; it would have been pretty hilarious if you made 365 gamepages as well.

Träumerei Chapter 2 v1.0 Release!

Congratulations on the release!!!

Thank you Meaka!!! <3


Noel's smiling?! Something must be wrong here! :D

He's always been happier than he looks, truth be told.

City of Bones

would it be okay for you, if I would do a german Lets Play to your game? I'm new but I would love to play your game. Of course I would tag you and everything, an write a review after I played the game.

Sorry for the last response, ChriisYoo! And thank you for asking; a let's play is definitely fine with me!! ^-^

Träumerei Chapter 1 v1.0 Release!

And thank you as well, MagiK!!! ^-^ I hope you two will enjoy the game! :D
You're really welcome!!! >u<
I've already downloaded the game. I'm just waiting to have a bit of free time to play it!! I am really excited to see how it is!!

Aww, thank you for the interest, MagiK! :D Just take it easy; it's around 2.5-3 hours. ^^

Träumerei Chapter 1 v1.0 Release!

Downloading <3 super excited to play!!

Thank you Nedras!! :D

OMG!!! This game is full of sooooo good art!!! Can't wait to finally play it!!!

And thank you as well, MagiK!!! ^-^ I hope you two will enjoy the game! :D

Target Release Date

Congraaaatsss!!! >u<

Thank you!! ^^ And cute squirrel avatar, btw!

Target Release Date

Congratulations on your impending release!!!

Thank you Meaka, and thanks again for agreeing to beta test it!! <3