I'm a journalist/author with a fondness of RPG Making and an aversion to leaving projects unfinished - great for satisfaction, not so much for quantity. I'm married and live in Cromwell, CT with my wife, twin sons, and the dog.
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[RM2K3] What do you like best about 2k3?

So I'm writing something about RPG Maker's past and RM2k3 is the one I know the least about. I used RM2k and was working on the same game for so long that by the time it was done, RMXP was out and I moved on to that. But obviously 2k3 inspires a lot of loyalty and I'm curious to hear more about that.

What is it about RM2k3 that keeps people using it for so long? Any specific features? Or just the total package? Appreciate any comments!
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