Zacharie is initially seen wearing a toad mask, which interestingly parallels a book found in the Bismark library that talks about a Masked Man who slays a Toad King. He is later seen wearing a cat mask as a replacement for The Judge, who is put out of commission by the death of his brother Valerie. His talking sound also turns into a voiced "Meow" instead of his usual chuckle.
OFF is the critically acclaimed French surreal adventure RPG made by Mortis Ghost in 2008.



Pom Gets Wi-Fi

WoW this game is... kawaii. However, I still don't understand why is this game have the most downloads on the site. Nah, cute that's indeed.

God damit! I posted this pic, again!

Legionwood: Tale Of The Two Swords

GAH- I've just sensed a bug. Is it a common bug or it appears to me only? When I put down a wooden board or plank, whatever and I walk through it the other characters except the main Lenn will walk under it. I'm not sure I was clear. BUT! As I said, it's an amazing game and I love it. Perhaps, there aren't any game which I don't love.

Beloved Rapture

Wai- Wait... Is it really have the number 8? I-I mean in the url! It's not fair! That's a beautiful number...

Beloved Rapture

Hm... the title reminds me the Bioshock series. The character named Aiden reminds me Beyond Two Souls. The graphics is very well. It worths a try if not more.

Levelling Up! Create your Birthday Character!

I still don't get this game >.< I based my stat structure on Switfwind's. Nah. Doesn't matter. It's just a game, I think.

I sill haven't any idea why do I post this pic of my everywhere.

Levelling Up! Create your Birthday Character!

Well considering the whole point of this is to allocate points according to the OP, I don't think your character sheet would be eligible, Zacharie. Looks nice though. Maybe you can just list your stats below it or something.
Lol a 16 is more powerful than me. I need to switch classes!
xD Oh guys >.<
Nah. Then I won't make another screenshot. As our dear CashmereCat said, I'll just list my stats here :D

LvL 16

Health 80
Mana 20
Strength 0
Constitution 10
Intelligence 10
Agility 0
Luck 20

Earth 1
Fire 1
Wind 1
Water 1
Holy 10
Dark 0
Non-Elemental 2

Sword 14
Spear 0
Axe 0
Bow 0
Staff 0
Fist 0



Quatre Quarts - physical attack
Caramel Dur - physical attack, may also cause palsy. (target's CP freezes and cannot attack during the palsy effect until it goes away)
Mille Feuilles - may cause target to become furious (target attacks on it's own accord)
Dame Blanche - physical attack, may cause madness (target inflicts damage on itself)
Parfait au Chocolat - multi-hit physical attack
+some swordsman skills
I obtained the major part of these skills after my loved Sugar's death... I guess it's better like that.

Post an insane lie about the person above you

Zacharie_ doesn't like a certain vendor. Nor masks, it's just there because he has a nose-complex and feels the need to hide it.

Post an insane lie about the person above you

It's so mean. I never could do something awful like this. I love the people. I don't really like to lie about them.

HOME (OFF fangame)

Legionwood. I love this game.


Hey everyone! I think you would like to play Legionwood too :) Why, 'cuz it's fun... Of course I rewrote some(many) textures and other things but the upshot... So it worth it ^^