Northwall (v1.0.1)

Really enjoyed Northwall and I hope that a continuation will be released :D
Gonna post a rewiev soon :D

Castle Oblivion: Remake Review

Thanks man! I'm glad you liked it. I thank you too for making this fantastic remake :D
Can't wait for your next project and in the meantime I will give CO3 a try.

Castle Oblivion: Remake

Didn't the boss heal himself when he got poisoned? :O I thought he would cast a spell that both healed his HP a bit and cured Poison, whenever he got affected.

Well he did heal himself, but it happened only once for me and it was long after he got poisoned, but maybe it just turned out like that for me.

Castle Oblivion: Remake

What part of the last battle disappointed you?

Well I think that it was overall a bit too easy. Especially with poison as it takes ~5k every turn so the battle end pretty quickly. But I still liked it.

And thanks for the list. Fortunately I didn't miss any of them. They were quite fun battles :D

Castle Oblivion: Remake

I really didn't have time to play games recently, but I finally found it to play CO. I completed it today and I must say I really enjoyed this 20 hour long adventure. Now I only need to beat those secret bosses :D The last battle disappointed me a bit, but it still was good :D I will probably post a review in a near future, but until then I have a question. Could you tell me where all the secret bosses are? As I'm not sure I've found them all and I don't want to miss any.
Keep up the good work, I can't wait to play CO2 :D

Castle Oblivion: Remake

Great news! Can't wait to finally play it :D

Getting some stuff done

Man, You really work hard on this game :D
I'm happy to see, that there is so much stuff done already.
Can't wait to play :D

Castle Oblivion: Remake

Nah, I didn't have any specified enemy in mind. On every enemy it's just really weak in comparison to skills and I just ended up using only skills trough the whole demo.
But I'm glad You're gonna fix that later on.
Still can't wait :D
Meanwhile I'm gonna give CO3 a try.

Castle Oblivion: Remake

just finished the demo and I must say I really enjoyed it. CO was the first RM game I ever played so I've got a little sentiment for it and I'm really happy that someone is making a remake.
Now for the feedback.
Everything seems to be changed in a far better way in comparision to the original. The character development is way better in this remake and so is the story. The level design is pretty good, I really liked it and Your mapping is simply amazing. Like in the original You use KH soundrack mostly, but that's good because I think it suits this game just fine.
The fights are balanced quite well and the crystals are placed in the right spots. I like the red crystal idea too!
There's only one thing that annoys me - physical attacks are preety much useless. I don't see a point of using them other then finishing off almost dead enemies. Even Hanz with weapon bless doesn't deal too much damage.
But despite that it was a really great experience, I'm glad that You're making such progress in such short time. I can't wait for the completed game :D
Keep up the good work.

Bug Reports

It works! Thanks! :D Gonna go finish it now. Maybe I'll play again on Hard later :D
And about the question
It was before the battle, when someone sreamed "Bahamut!" and BGM was supposed to change.
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