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Super RMN Bros. 3 Review

Um is this a walkthrough.
by length: yes
by context: no

Super RMN Bros. 3 Review

that level was great. i beat it on the first try and thought "how can anyone have a problem with this?".

and even that was only due to it's level breaking bug... The level itself was unique, but fiquring out how to get the level going killed a bit of the fun for me.
Otherwise, it is an okay level, even though it's not a typical SMB level, it's a good concept IMHO. Saying that I hated it might be too harsh let's say I just didn't quite enjoy it... is that better?

Super RMN Bros. 3 Review

I never really had a problem with difficulty, I thought all levels were moderate in difficulty, and clearly mine were too long and confusing... And world 1 is a bad first world due to the gimmicky and very hated levels, instead of difficulty, I think. World 2 had more simple basic mario levels, which people seem to enjoy more.
I personally hated only 1 level in world 1, and even that was only due to it's level breaking bug.

Super RMN Bros. 3 Review

I'm glad you liked 1 of my levels...
It seems I made my levels too long and tried to make them too unique.
Didn't go too well for me. :(
Oh well, can't please 'em all.

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Really? I thought those were pretty good!
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