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Super Dungeon Master Ace...
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Thanks for the feedback! There is a replacement build with the typo fixed!

Always the little things... hopefully, that is the worst bug people will find (it won't be :) )

thanks again!


well, I thought him more a wookie :) y;know, I never asked...

The game's almost finished!! + Looking for beta testers

Hey, I love the look of your game and have just spent six months working on my own one, so am looking for something new: could I please be a beta tester for you?
Resume: given feedback on one released RPGMaker fangame, and several other fan-made games for a variety of dungeon-crawling engines. Am a RL software tester with a history in games and a love for adventure: you game looks fun and looking for a new challenge. Hope you consider my offer of help.

Super Dungeon Master Ace: The Classic Fantasy Adventure RPG

Thanks for the link! - I have never played DM2, though I did almost buy a physical copy a few years ago. Sadly all my original Atari ST games are long gone: but I can still play emulated, and have dabbled in DM2 briefly thanks to a fan-made emulator (there are many fan- dungeons I've played however, and some real tough ones are still being made)

Super Dungeon Master Ace: The Classic Fantasy Adventure RPG

Is that the Sega Theron's Quest...? If so, I only tried it a bit - it is very hard to control with gamepad, but am considering it as something to do on my Android phone while I commute :) - there seems to be many version so f this game, found out the Saturn had a version too...

Super Dungeon Master: Quest for the Firestaff v1.0 RELEASED!

Minor update: there is a v1.01 here for the few people who have been experienceing issues with the VX installer (is standalone, RTP included)

v1.01 zip file

and game hints can be found here:
DM Forum Topic

thanks again!

Super Dungeon Master Ace: The Classic Fantasy Adventure RPG

I've still got the SoundBlaster version for DOS somewhere. The ST version was a load time monster, as I recall.
Yes, the Atari ST version did take a while to download - which is probably why they allowed you to save anywhere: [long standing debates on this: eg: (http://www.dungeon-master.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=24670])

So for me, save anywhere spoils DM as now (in emulation), reloads are instantaneous. And so, to make it interesting, in my fan-game, specifically put in save checkpoints on the game map: make the player work for it. :)

For me, the problem I always had on ST was not the game, but the dodgy mouse port! Two ST FMs I had, both had iffy mouse ports after a few years... still, loved the original on ST: and now planning to play again using CSBwin (CSBWin)

Super Dungeon Master Ace: The Classic Fantasy Adventure RPG

So did I - and it was an epic game:
Disclaimer - this is NO replacement, just think of it as a quirky little mashup and that'll ratchet down expectations enough for me to be comfortable! :)

You love the original?
Check out: Playing original Atari ST version on DOS

or even one of the homebrew versions, like this:
List of homebrew versions

there exists a whole catalogue of 18 years of fan-made dungeons to go explore!
some of the stuff they have there is really worth checking out:
they have the whole history of the game, past interviews, magazine scans, very silly threads, etc.

Super Dungeon Master Ace: The Classic Fantasy Adventure RPG

Thanks for the interest! :) a download will be available soon.


Looks amazing... I do envy your artwork!