hey there this is CG! i'm a big user of FL studios and huge player of DnD
i now found a possible tool to help me with my ideas and such
which is RPG MAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm a huge noob when it comes to the rpg maker program but if you got any advice please help me out fella


linking special events

i've been working on my interactive story a little while before i joined
and learning alot
but as i searched the interwebs and the forums i have not been able to find the subject
of linking events, as for a example when you talk to some one it triggers a event later one and if you don't talk to said person s/he doesn't show up

or where you try to go somewhere before talking to a particular npc you can't move forward to where ever you want to go

do i make multiple copies of a map with special events that trigger without a screen transition where you retain your sprite facing and have it teleport to the copie of the map

i have yet to try this even though i should test the waters but i thought i'd ask before going all willie nilly with it

help:making houses, interior and ingame cutscenes

i've had ideas for a comic book or a flash series, but lack skill in both those fields. ages ago i came across the bentley brothers (the fellows who made the RE4 parody) who were working on a project involving rpg maker
i saw rpg maker 3 for the ps2 not long ago (good thing i didn't buy it) and wiki'ed rpg maker, and came across the story of the don (yeah that don)
so i decided to look into rpg maker found 2000 but had test play issues so i got my hands on 2k3 and have had no issues yet EXCEPT!!!

i would like to know how to make interiors, i know the process of selecting chipsets and such but i have a hard time making the left and right wall and the forground, of the room

i found tutorials i could practice with but the pictures would not show up so i got the instructions but no preveiw pic to get a idea of the whole excercise

the second thing i would like to know (which if i searched on here hard enough i could have found some info) is how to do snes style cutscenes before game play (EX: chrono trigger where chrono is woken up with some dialog then he moves a bit then you get to control him or dialog amongst the party upon entering a town, or where ryu in breath of fire 1 is awoken to the house ablaze) theres more questions i have but i will save them for later
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