hey there this is CG! i'm a big user of FL studios and huge player of DnD
i now found a possible tool to help me with my ideas and such
which is RPG MAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm a huge noob when it comes to the rpg maker program but if you got any advice please help me out fella



Whats your favourite Manga/Comic right now?

i'm really into eden no ori (cage of eden)
i was never a fan of one piece but i got glued to it out of nowhere O_o
i finished it up now i'm just waiting for the latest volume to come out

my favorite of all time is great teacher onizuka i like how they left it open at the end to continue it but its best left where it's at

i'm reading shounen 14 days which is a side story of gto

NFL Super Bowl XLV

before i lived in pittsburgh i didn't care for sports but somehow i got drug into liking the games (mainly steelers games) now that i live back in california everyone is a raiders fan so i kinda have to hold it down for pittsburgh fans

i know it's late and the steelers biffed the super bowl to packers
theres always next year

(yeah no one cares about this post so ignore haha, just needed to throw my 2 cents in)

Dungeons and Drag-Queens

haha sounds like it could be fun
it took me awhile to get into the swing of the game but i had a good group we played 3.0/3.5
since i recently moved i can no longer play with my group

but to the point of my post, if your looking for a group to see what the game is like i suggest looking for a group who plays 4th edition, i'm kinda iffy about this edition since it's a huge change
but hell since i'm desperate for a group to get in my dice fix i wouldn't mind giving it a shot

also i love the title of the game my rpg maker project is holding the title of a flash comic me and my dm wanted to put into motion titled dungeons and douchebags, the name came from a couple of people in our group were douches ^_^

well theres a bit of unasked history of myself

help:making houses, interior and ingame cutscenes

thanks shady but i figured out all the goods to do what i needed i got my party member added but she didn't appear before the battle so i'm gonna have to go back and add that add party event a bit sooner in the lineup

right now i'm trying to link events
like where you need to go talk to someone before you can leave town
which i allready posted a new topic and got the info i needed now i just gotta find time to experiment
with said info

linking special events

thank you so much for linkingme to this
i didn't know what i was looking for was switches
this tutorial was a big help and i'm going to work with it tomorrow

again mucho gracies

linking special events

i've been working on my interactive story a little while before i joined
and learning alot
but as i searched the interwebs and the forums i have not been able to find the subject
of linking events, as for a example when you talk to some one it triggers a event later one and if you don't talk to said person s/he doesn't show up

or where you try to go somewhere before talking to a particular npc you can't move forward to where ever you want to go

do i make multiple copies of a map with special events that trigger without a screen transition where you retain your sprite facing and have it teleport to the copie of the map

i have yet to try this even though i should test the waters but i thought i'd ask before going all willie nilly with it

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

i'm working on something that started as a practice, as i learn the program but it started to become something more
i don't have a name yet but i will soon, and as for the story i have it started and i'll just work on it as i go along
but as for gamplay (or what portions of gameplay i have) i have event's set on everything from bushes to chairs and even a rock here and there as well some objects may trigger a cinimatic event
so i hope that'll make up for the noobtastic maps and such, it has also started as something serious but i had more fun doing a parody of sorts, it will be a mature rating due to language.

as a example it has influences from, family guy, team america, vete a la verse (if anyone has seen his work, it is on the lines of his pokemon parody) aswell as other fouled mouth, mostly immature humor

but i plan to make the story deep enough to make up for everything

help:making houses, interior and ingame cutscenes

no need to apologize
you had a legit reason for your post granted as you stated you didn't hold a punch but no worries
i don't bruise easy

but i guess this thread can be deleted since i figured what i wanted to do so know just need to build on this and make it a decent sized demo for it to get blammed haha

help:making houses, interior and ingame cutscenes

i know, no one wants to hold hands with a scruffy guy such as myself
i;ll keep this in mind
and just to inform anyone who sees my question about the transition after this
after a whole morning of fiddling i figured it out
gotta love the teleport comand

help:making houses, interior and ingame cutscenes

ok, i'm getting the hang of this

i set up another event when i try to leave the map, and then theres some dialog then a battle, since it's a event set up when stepping on the selected space and not when you talk to a npc

how to i go about getting rid of the npcs after the battle?

do i clone the map and remove the npcs, set up a screen transition after the boss battle
then have my lil dialog with my heros new friend or whatnot

and how do i add a new party member to the new battle?

i found a event tab with my custom monster group that says add party member but she doesn't show up
she doesn't show up at the start of my game which good but i would like to have her in this next battle and so on
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