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Dream Drift
A classic RPG with features from many beloved 90's RPGs



Version 0.30 is out

Actually that wall in the flower shop was made impassable at one point (with the use of Region Tiles), and I think during one of my map-fixing iterations, I didn't remember why I marked those walls a specific region, so I removed it, which lead to what you saw in the game. Then when I tried to fix, I made all the vines impassable, leading to the current issue. lol

I just changed everything back to the way it was. I'm still working on more dialog events, and I want to play through the game a bit before I upload a new version.

Progress Report

That would be great :) You'll probably get through the game quicker than me. lol

Dream Drift

Thanks for streaming my game, HuntingSwan! I will definitely find time over the weekend to watch it.

And thanks for pointing out more bugs, Xemeth. The final dungeon should not allow you to recruit characters that faded away... that is another bug. I will fix that and the maid bug in the next version.

Dream Drift

Thanks for the clarification!

I didn't explicitly state this in the game, but most monsters have a random re-spawn counter of 15-30 minute. They also immediately respawn when you leave/enter the dream world. There are some instances in the game where you need to revisit the same locations within a short span of time. For example, when you visit the Mountain Sage, you will have to go up the mountain, then back down. I didn't want to force the players to fight so many battles. What I can do is add a mechanism to force monsters to re-spawn immediately (for the people who love to grind). Will give this some thought.

The monsters were way harder before I made several nerfs to them. The balance I tried is achieve is for normal battles to be difficult if you are fighting the monsters for the first time. But after you figure out (either by trial and error or by scan) the monster's weaknesses and skill set, it should be fairly easy to beat them. And for boss battles, they should be challenging, but fairly simple as well if you use the right equipments and learn the right spells. I do plan on spending more time on the bosses specifically to make those fights more engaging.


Just want to add that I am really really happy that I decided to put my game up. Every single suggestion and comment has been extremely useful, and I have so many changes that I'd like to make now. Thanks everyone!

Status Report

I wanted to keep things simple. Every 10 levels means there will only be 3-4 chances for this improvement over the course of the game. But each improvement will add a significant boost to the character's ability. If I do allow character improvements every 1-3 levels, it will become a lot more complicated. I would have to implement something like a trait system where characters get points during those level ups, and then they can use those points to purchase traits for characters. Example traits (assuming gain a point every level):
- Learn new weapon type (10 points). Each character have their own set of weapons they can potentially learn
- Learn new spell type (10 points). No limition here.
- Improve Weapon proficiency
- Improve Magic proficiency
- Improve status resistance
- Improve debuff resistance
*Each type of improvement will have 3 levels
Level 1 (3 pts), Level 2 (5 pts), Level 3 (10 pts)

It'll take a while to implement, but I can see how this will make the game more fun, and leveling will become more exciting.

Dream Drift

Hi Xemeth,

Thanks for taking the time to write up your impression of my game.

I'm still not sure why fog isn't working for you. Can you post some screenshots of the error? The only thing I can think of is that perhaps RMVXA games require some external libraries, and perhaps the ones on your computer is not the same version as the one on mine. I really want to fix this, so it would be great if you can provide additional details on what the error is.

It seems the writing in general will be my next item to tackle. Skits was my attempt to add more depth to the characters, but there are only so many things I can do with pure dialog, so even then, I am limited in how I can develop my characters. I will try to weave more dialog from the supporting cast into the main quest and perhaps even adding some random dialogs they can have with townspeople.

Regarding battle, I did want to do exactly what Chrono Trigger did. CT's combats were more enjoyable for me than any other JRPG. I realize now that a big part of it was thanks to dual/tri tech, but unfortunately I couldn't figure out a good way to implement that. That said, I'm still not very clear on what makes comat "too structured". Do you mean I should provide more flexible level progression (e.g. allow player to pick the stats they want to improve) or is there something in the battles itself that I should change?


Dream Drift

Thanks for all the feedback! It's great to get some comments from experienced RPG players. :)

English is my second language, so forgive me for all the mistakes I made in the dialogs. I will go through all the dialogs a few more times to fix whatever problem I can find.

As for the "Exit Game" option, I've had complaints from test users that they accidentally exited the game and lost their progress. IIRC, the option, by default, doesn't ask the player for confirmation. I will put the option back and try to add a confirmation before it actually exits.

I'll also try to find a solution for the save stations. I don't mind allowing players to save at any time, but I do want to limit when and where they can use "meal" to recover hp/mp. Any suggestions on this topic will be greatly appreciated.

Dream Drift

This game has so much content. I'm going to be busy all week going through it.


Obal swamp is missing the fog file. For those of you who have that problem. You can just put a random picture, and call it fog, and that should give you a quick fix.


I got the mirror, but the sage is dead. I have no idea what to do anymore. Nothing is happening at the house.

I'm not too sure what happened to the fog file. I've never had this problem before. The only possibility I can think of is that something is different when I encrypt the game files. I'll try to figure this out.

Also, just fixed the dead sage thing. Will upload new version shortly.

Edit: FYI, the sage should be alive and well now. Go to him after Obal Swamps to progress the plot.
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