Mirror Mirror

Watanuki-kun, that's really nice of you :D i'll let you know if i make an update on the game or the prequel to this :) i fixed some of the bugs, but not the gramatical errors yet...
also, i want to play the corpse party game your friend is making :o

Starlanasam, it's okay XD a lot of people get confused with that part too.

UPDATE: I fixed some bugs in the maps and the music.
I'm sorry guys. It must have been weird playing the game without music. Although, it really did have only a few soundtracks to begin with.

Mirror Mirror

if i have time in the future, i'll make improvements on the game :D i did put a few music in the game... i wonder if it's bugged. anyway, thank you for playing, watanuki-kun. :)

UPDATE: The music is bugged. it works fine on my computer, but not on others T___T i'll try to fix this.

Mirror Mirror

RTP is already included :)

Mirror Mirror

Gliz_Caldo, that's really cool. thanks for telling me about the yanfly script too :D i subscribed to your channel :)

Delayed_Chimera, glad you liked it :)

Let's work on your game descriptions!

thank you Marrend :) I'll include those fixes in.

Let's work on your game descriptions!

hmm okay then :) i'll probably add some game features then resubmit it. thank you :)

Let's work on your game descriptions!

Hi guys :) my game got denied because of my grammar, spelling or punctuation, so I was referred to this thread. Can you help me too? :( To be honest, I can't really tell what is wrong with it. I'm pretty bad at this.

This is the link to my game:

These are all the text I included in my game profile:
Mirror Mirror is a story based horror game with few and easy puzzles
Estimated playtime is 30-50 minutes

Shio Drevers is in his first year of high school,but ever since the
start of his freshman year, sudden disappearances and mysterious cases
of deaths and accidents have been happening in his school. Fortunately,
Shio has been spared of these unfortunate events, but how long will
his luck last...

"Set your hopes on a butterfly and it will fly away.
Set your hopes on a flower and it might wilt someday.
Keep your hopes to yourself and it will stay.
Let no one know, and no one will take it away."
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