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To chib or not to chib.

As you all know I am working on a very serious game called Aftermath VX. It's a game that deals with the NWO destroying the world after its original dark plans were foiled. The world was destroyed etc, etc.

Now here is my thing. I don't use anything "cutesy" in this game besides the chibi sprites. My face sets are very realistic looking and have a serious vibe. My graphics are a combination of hills and things from RTP and a lot of my own custom Etile. I have made burned up cars, trucks, refrigerators and other things that make it look like a modern world was torched. I have raised the hills to smash into the structure of the buildings.

The games battle graphics are custom too and nothing is kiddy or happy happy joy joy about the mutated dog with it's brain spilling out.

The only reason I have decided to use these chibs are because let's be honest here. WHERE THE HELL ARE THE REALISTIC CHARACTER SPRITES FOR VX? Or at least why hasn't anybody made a database like the three or four chib sets out there that lets you put together things on the fly.

So my question to the community. What should I do? Do some of you like the chibs I have now in the game? I made sure they weren't vibrant and colorful to fit the setting. You WILL NOT see some green haired guy in Aftermath. Unless he's a punker or something.

NOTE: I have looked for a realistic VX sprite editor for almost a week and can't find one. Don't forget you have 32 x 32 to deal with.

Overall, I want the game to rock. I have put a lot of work into this project and it's coming out in a strong demo on the 25th of this month. I need some honest opinions of what you would do. I don't want to make this a flame war so be constructive.


IMPORTANT: Please make sure you have something that plays .AVI files on your computer, so you can see the videos I have put in the game. If you don't have anything that plays .AVI files you will get an error in the following areas.

#1 INTRODUCTION - Nuclear bomb explosion video.

#2 BECOMING THE SHAMAN - Waterfall video.

#3 BECOMING THE SEER - Man begging for his life video.


Aftermath is a game that takes the elements of Final Fantasy, Fallout and Shadowrun and rolls them up into an exciting rpg filled with science, spirits and even magical things. The world never knew of these powers until the bombs fell. This game is much different than anything you have ever played before and I hope you enjoy it!


In the year of 2032, a series of attacks were launched into the soils of the United States of America.The communistic countries had gathered their forces to an extreme super power. The invasion from this attack was overwhelming, and the only thing left that the U.S.A. could do was launch a nuclear attack against the homelands of their enemies.

World War III had begun.

Mushroom clouds formed in the skies one by one and the world was covered in sheets of nuclear fire.People that heard the sirens prepared their families and rushed to their local bomb shelters or hid in their basements to try and avoid being killed by the explosions. Anybody that was not buried deep under the earth in pure steel vaults or shelters had a very bad chance of survival.

The people that were fortunate enough to hide in underground bomb shelters had a much better chance to survive.Your family was one of the survivors that was lucky enough to have ties with the higher ranks of government which saved your lives when the bombs were deployed. You were born two days after the war in a shelter. The light of day was something you were never fortunate enough to see, but at least you were safe.

Twelve years after the war you and your family were running out of supplies and food which ultimately made you haveto leave the shelter and head into the wasteland. While traveling in the ruins of America your mother and father were
ambushed and attacked in their sleep by evil men and women with guns and blades. These punkers as they called themselves captured your mom and dad and took them away from you. Being a child at the age of twelve you felt helpless and hid behind a rock while you saw them taken from you. Not knowing what to do and scared out your mind
you ran as fast as you could but sadly fell prey to a pit trap which ended up with you hitting your head on a rock very hard.

Opening your eyes hurts as the light pierces your skull like a knife. Voices are all around and you can feel the warm touch of somebodies fingers on your scalp...

Where are you?

The game takes place in the ruins of Arizona.


UPDATED 12/23/08


Frankie will now take your bottles and mantis legs again after you beat the bandit boss.

Removed the funky trap door from bandit building.







This update will not have anything indicating if you have completed it. It's got a lot
of stuff to do and find, so it honestly is up to the player when the feel they have
completed it and found everything to prepare for the next content update.

0.5 MAIN CHALLENGE: Create a Brain Enhancer. If you can create this object,
you have truly beat version 0.5 in bragging rights.

Aftermath in it's current state now contains at least 6+ hours of gameplay.


- Fixed a bug where the screen would remain black if you chose "Do Nothing" after
having sex with Wendy. Players should no longer see "Do nothing" as an option.

-Enemies were simply not using their heals when they needed them the most. The
A.I. of enemies has been fixed which should make them more challenging.

- Fixed several bugs with the ammunition system.

- Fixed a bug that let you walk on the black ruins on the world map.

- Fixed a bug where when the main character left a cave area the game would be
considered night time during the day.

- Using GO! GO! DRINK!, Wind Walking, or Night Stalker will now properly show their animation
while in caves or when the flashlight is on.

- The main characters face will no longer be displayed when selecting dreams.


- Caster armor will now grant half SP consumption. This has greatly increased the value of
these items. However, it makes you feel like a pure caster when you wear it since most
skills have a pretty high cost to use.

- The music in the medical center has been changed to something more peaceful and not
so repetitive.

- Added a reminder to save your game after Wendy is done talking to you. This will help people
who want to explore and die on accident so they don't have to start over with the long intro.

- The dream your character has at the very start will now grant a much larger bonus to your
beginning character build.

Guns and War = +25 Combat, +50 Skill Points
Walls and Steel = +100 Health Points, +25 Protection
Books and Space = +25 Mind, +50 Skill Points
Fast Animal = +10 Speed, +35 Combat

- GO! GO! DRINKS! will now explain what they do when you select one and they
now last for 1 minute instead of 30 seconds.

- GO! GO! DRINKS!, Wind Walking and Night Stalker now decrease your encounter rate
when they are activated.

- Added a save reminder to the warning messages you get.

- The price of beer has been nerfed down to 10 coins. It used to be a very
fast way to make money. This change was to add some challenge into the
game for the early levels. There is also a new zone to do in the early levels,
so some balance needed to be done.

- Frankie will only ask for 1 mantis leg per turn in now. It's kind of rare to get
mantis encounter with all the bandits so this had to change.

- The price on the Wind Walking and Night Stalker spells have been reduced.

- Signs and other objects have recieved a darkening effect which makes
them look much better on the map and removes any brightness that stands

- The main intro story has recieved a revamp and new voice over.

- You will no longer see "MATURE" at the beginning. You will now see
a different picture that is common on labels of albums. I did this because
the game was never rated by a real company and it was just dumb.
The new picture gets the point across that Aftermath is a game designed
for mature players.

- Removed all .22 Beretta pistol drops from junk piles in the town of Toyota.
This change was very much needed because some weapons were simply
being passed up and the flow of money early in the game was a little to fast.

These guns still have a chance to drop from the Rattler Caves.

- Did some sprite work on the main hero. He now looks a little smoother and
no longer has the shiney part in front of him while turned. This was something
I simply could not take anymore.

- A lot of animations have been reworked and the main character looks much

better now. Players who tried 0.4 or below will notice the change right away.

- Many sound effects have been reworked and some ambience has been added
to zones that did not have it before.

- Adrenaline shots now have a smaller animation that is much better suited
for the main character.

- Changed the battle animation of Rushing Punch. It now looks like you're
moving toward the enemy before punching them.

- Melee weapons have been buffed up and now offer the chance to
cause a lot more damage. This will give players the option to be
whatever they want in the wasteland.

- Melee weapon damage for two handers has been increased by a large

- Single handed melee weapons have gained a +35% Critical Hit Rate.

- Two Handed melee weapons have gained a +70% Critical Hit Rate.

- The custom made slingshot now has a +55% Critical Hit Rate,
and it's damage has been increased by a large amount.
This is a special bonus because it's crafted and was not able to
compete with the double SMG's. The price on the items to create
the slingshot have not been changed.

- Added shredded road and cement into Toyota. It now looks like the
roads have seen much better days. This also gives players a slighty
better sense of direction than before.

- Added destroyed walls of houses and buildings in most zones. You
won't see much in the town of Toyota since it technically was not a
town with houses. You will see a ton of damage from being close to
ground-zero in the new town of Winslow however.

- Craters from nuclear blasts on the world map are loaded with deadly
radiation, so watch where you walk.

TIP: Make sure to stock up on Anti-Radiation and Anti-Poison kits.

- The First Aid skill will now heal for a greater amount and the details
have been changed to "Decent" instead of "Weak". Don't forget to
pick this skill up right away from Wendy.

- Molotov Cocktails will now scale with combat power. This change was
needed so lower tiers of these fire bombs would be useful.

- Molotov Cocktails can now cause a burning effect. This is a fast working
damage over time that can be quite lethal.

- Added a simple flash on the hero after Wind Walking, Night Stalker or
GO! GO! DRINKS! end.


- New players or people who start over can now experience Aftermath at an
entire different pace. A new big quest has been added to Frankie. This
quest was designed to give players who love to adventure a better path
into the game then collecting bottles and mantis legs.

- Explore the new Bandit Building north of Toyota.

- The game continues in the ruins of Winslow and beyond.

- There has been some changes to the 2nd level of the Toyota Bar.
I wonder what that could be?

- Explore very dangerous areas that will require some thinking to get passed.

- Added lock picking into the game. Players will need to figure out where
to learn this skill.

- Added the ladies' man skill into the game. Players will need to figure out
where to learn this skill and ultimately what they can get from it besides
the obvious.

- Added the backstab combat skill into the game. I will let players figure out
where you learn this.

- Added new spells for the Shaman and Seer into the game.

- New weapons and armor have been added with new animations.

- New recipes and the Mr. Craft Volume 2 is now somewhere in the game.

To get the most out of the new update will be to start a new character. However, old saved
games should work fine.



Final Fantasy style combat system in a post-nuclear world full of radiated monsters and mystical creatures!

Huge selection of guns, knives and anything else you can get your hands on for a weapon in a ruined world.

Treat people with respect or blow their heads off it's your choice in this twisted world.

Carry around an old notepad that keeps track of your skills and quests.

Move around the ruins of the wasteland collecting junk that can be sold or constructed into items with the craft station.

Ammo system gives the player a challenge through his hardships of the wasteland.


To learn anything in real life takes practice and patience. This is exactly how you learn skills in Aftermath.

#1 There will be a lot of NPC's that can teach the main character different things but you have to find them.

#2 The NPC will more than likely send you on a difficult quest before you can obtain your skill.

#3 Once you have your skill you can do things on the maps that you could not before.

#4 Skills will increase in level every time you use them on something that's worth a skill up.

#5 To accomplish a successful skill check on difficult things you need to have a much higher skill etc.

Example: You run into a shady character late at night that's breaking into something. Through dialog you have the choice after spotting him to ask how he is so good at picking locks. The guy explains what you need to do and sends you on a quest/mission or test to see if you're good enough. Once you pass and learn the skill, you can start picking locks.

You can't pick any lock with this skill only easy ones. That's until you gain more skill and become better.


Sometime in 2009

Crystal Crazy - Demo Version 1.1 - News on 1.2 09/09/08

Designer Notes and News - 09/09/08

Andriayle can no longer fall off the ledge on her own. This will also make it where monsters can't run over water or thin air as well. Andriayle can still get monsters stuck
if they fall off though through her blast line of spells "which is tactics" and very much intended to do if you can manage to stick a creature on something. She can only lose hearts now by a monster forcing her in a danger area of the map. This will make the game much easier for people struggling and accidentally falling off which can be
very frustrating since a monster is almost always on you if you're low on mana or don't have blast loaded up.

Players will enjoy these changes a lot and it makes crystal crazy slightly easier but it's still a challenge with new monsters and powers they have to knock you for a loop.


Four new zones have been made and they are the following.

EAGLEVIEW VILLAGE - You can buy the new Shield and Remedy spells here as well as get a one time quest zone that gives a nice reward if you help the town.

EAGLEVIEW MINE - This is the quest zone of Eagleview and contains rat packs and rock monsters which is a tricky combo to go against. I will let players figure it out :)

ROGUE RETREAT - This is a new zone that contains hooded thieves who vanish and appear before you but also have a slight chance when they hit you to do a cheap
attack that knocks you for a loop.

STONECRUSH FALLS - Bugbears and a terrible Ogre has taken residence in this area. You have to watch out for their strong attacks which will send you flying hard.
They also have a stunning blow chance if you get really unlucky which will stop you dead in your tracks and lined up for a fairy punt.


A new system will be added into 1.2 that features "barriers" which stop you from going further on the map until you activate the color coded crystal that drops that
barrier. Crystals that are color coded are protected by tower bosses which is a 10 level battle zone with the 11th room being a powerful boss.


What is Crystal Crazy?

Crystal Crazy is a very unique adventure/rpg game that feels like a mixture of Pac-Man, Super Mario World and Zelda rolled into one game. The name "Crystal Crazy" comes from the insane amount of stolen crystals you have to reclaim.

The Storyline

The world of Riyn'Vale (Ree-In-Vale) was never the same...

Andriayle (And-Dree-Ale) is the main character and is a fairy from the fey village called "Everglade".
Everglade is known to harness many magics of the world through it's large collection of magical crystals.
The crystals are created by the magic essence of the fairy people, and only they have the power to control or
sense where they are from anywhere in the world.

One day, the chief of the village asked Andriayle nicely to retrieve some supplies for a new batch of crystals that were being planned out.
Andriayle quickly packed her things and left the village of Everglade. Traveling far away from Everglade, Andriayle was successful in
finding the much needed components for the new batch of crystals.

As Andriayle headed home and got near the gates to the village, she quickly realized that the town had been set on fire and many villagers
were slain and captured. Feeling the crystals resonate in her mind she quickly gathers what she can out of the destroyed village and heads out
to reclaim the crystals and save her people.

Game Trailer


Flektor Trailer (Better Quality)


Game Screen Shots

Download Version 1.1

Make sure to download the RTP for RPG MAKER XP first if you don't have it installed.


Crystal Crazy Demo Version 1.1 - WITH BUG FIXES - UPDATED - 09/07/08


Ruins Of Azgayle Development Thread (Videos and Launch Changes - March 22nd 2008)

Major Update - March 22nd 2008








Extremely tested and bug free with the best class balance you have ever experienced in any game!

Socket your characters with the Glow Stone Socket System! (GSSS)

Massive amounts of info given about all the classes, conditions, and symbols in the party menu!

New party menu with sweet backgrounds for each good and evil!

Help NPC's and their cause in the starting towns for faction gain which can lead to much more!

Access the quest box in your party menu to see available quests and the special timed quests!

Awesome monster color coded system that will let players know if they should run or fight!

Fast paced action that eliminates all the annoyances of several types of RPG's!

Experience the new Health and Energy regeneration system that will keep your party on their toes!

Death has been replaced with "Unconscious" which prevents the "Game Over" screen from ever appearing!

You can see the map of Azgayle or Island Of Hope by accessing it in your party menu!

When your party is defeated you will return back to where you bound them in town!

You can travel back to your bind point anytime you like with the awesome Portal Stone!

Make a party out of the real system with six classes available in the demo.

Playable Good Classes - Guardian, Glacier Mage, Desperado

Playable Evil Classes - Berserker, Dark Sorcerer, Dune Stalker

Nice storyline that will fit into the real game later on.

You will have access up to rank 3 powers for all six classes in the demo.

8+ hours of game play per each party type.

Change the color of your menu to several colors within the main menu.

Talk to people in the Follower's Of Hope or Black Mask Assassins camp to receive quests.

Tons of monster groups that require strategy to take down!

Experience the DBS that will absolutely blow you away!

Detailed maps loaded with puzzles, treasure, secrets and much more!

Treasure system allows the party to find common, uncommon, rare or even ultra rare loot!

Experience the party system which allows you to see your entire group on the map!

No priest classes will be in this demo but the party of 3 will have items to help them.

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