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Storms of April

Ehh it's alright, I'll just get back in and destroy all those monsters and finish rain excursion, btw, where do I go while in the forest? I was walking around so much but couldn't find where to go, didn't know where the machine was or the leysphere
Yea the story ends at that quest. I need to add some cutscenes for all that.

For the rainforest, there's all the treasures you can find - it's mostly only gold at this point, but it'll help one of your gripes about being too poor! And then there's the water dungeon at the end, which will be part of that leysphere quest. It is a fully functioning dungeon, just has no quests for it yet, or final boss. But it's still pretty, has a few puzzles, and treasure :)

Storms of April

Edit: ok i just read the stuff about the level up thing and the mirror, why did i get that weird box glitch though? and yes i did spam enter a lot of times
I'm glad most of your gripes are due to known issues *relief* and for the rest of your input, I'm gonna write down in my notepad of things to fix!

So sorry about the Mirror bug ;__; I was really hoping that it wasn't a game-breaking bug. I was able to spam Enter (it seems the choices just don't show up??) which is essentially "Yes" and it worked for me. I really need to figure out what's wrong with that common event.

Glad you liked it besides that, though! I'm excited to get this started again!


Dude, been there.

Also omgosh I love her sprite. Too flippin cute.


Wow! I'm impressed. Very cool.

The Intertwined Fate

This looks like it'd be really fun and interesting to play! Can't wait for more info :D


Really pretty! Kinda weird to say, but I love the dirt! Nicely blended :D

Storms of April

First of all, calm down. Relax.
I love you, Ell1e! This is exactly what I needed to read. Its great to hear that it isn't as terrible a game as I thought haha.

I agree with everything you said and I'm going to put it all in a notepad file before deciding to tackle the fixes.

The menu listing April's class and abilities gives the plot twist of her being a mage away really early.
Yeeaa for the LONGEST time she was "Student" class with no abilities, and then would switch to Thunderstorm after the introduction. But then then I implemented a new script and it gave me errors galore when I class switched, and no one has been able to help me with that yet. So - until I can get it working - its spoilerific.

Disabling the menu is a good idea though. I could add an AutoSave after the various cutscenes just in case. *chinstrokes*

Anyway - thank you! I'm honored someone took the time to play the game, and write all that down for me.


The path and beach look really nice~ Is this parallax mapping, by any chance?
Yep! This map, and the rest of the forest, is different from the others in that its 100% parallax (instead of a combination). She leaves footprints in the sand too! Haha something I got a little too excited about XD


Wow, gorgeous!

Looking for some Testers

I guess I can take a look at it. Story is one of the few things I feel is a strong point for me, so I'll see if I can provide any insight.
That would be great, thank you! :) I went ahead and made the Download link public a bit ago because I didn't think anyone would be interested in volunteering, but I guess you proved me wrong ^__^;
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