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I like it.
Too much texture fading. Grass doesn't cover cobble stone like that, and water doesn't magically fade into grass on a coastline.
Crap! Hahaha.
Rather than grass covering the cobblestone, I was hoping the cobblestone was fading into the grass.

The water is animated in the game and looks a little better than this static picture. Any advice on fixing the coastline? :D On the bottom right, I attempted to add some form of transition, but yeah - it's not enough. It doesn't repeat on the top left because perspective.


Oooh, pretty~

Progress for Demo, aka the First Chapter

Optimism is a wonderful thing, just make sure it isn't blind optimism. Don't stress about the time though, the fact you came back to what was almost an abandoned project gives those that would like to see it finished hope. They've waited this long, they can continued to do so, it's an RM tradition.

Take the time, make the game you want and then release it, (and then sit back and take the feedback that comes and fix the errors/bugs you missed and that fresh eyes caught, and release a patch), and then you can relax, regroup and go on to the next project.
Aw thanks :) That's really awesome to hear. Er, read.

I'm at the stage of adding in Side Quests before working on the final dungeon of the main chapter. I feel like its actually progressing, and I am super stoked about it. Can't wait for people to berate me with its flaws! XD

Storms of April

This seems really interesting! Can't wait for the demo~ :D (I'd be up for testing out the game---If you want, though.)
Thanks!! Actually, yeah, maybe haha~ I don't have any friends in the RPG Maker community yet who could help me with testing so that'd be really nice :D


I'm 30 minutes in :D got to Rolan and killed some rats! And I have to say, I LOVE it. I love how it is so very Atelier Totori but I also love the battle system - how you can share points with Bell - and the maps are SO pretty.

Anyway, I need a break from the computer for a bit, but I just wanted to tell you that I'm really enjoying it so far!

Storms of April

Working on it, guys! :D Thanks for comin on down, though~

Wow, 2 years later. I'm here!

I am physically unable to forget about my hobby game projects. How did you do it?

Goodness, I had a ton of stuff on my plate. There was also a huge part of me that thought this game was too cliche and while trying to figure out how to make it less so, I got frustrated. That - coupled with work and grad school - destroyed my brain. Forgetting was likely a defense mechanism XD

But I have 500-some pages of notes for this game, so hell. Cliche Elemental Kingdoms aside, I'm gonna make it!!


I love this!
Thank you!! ^__^
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