Looking Back: A Blurred Line

ABL was really awesome shame the newer generations of rmer dismiss it because of the graphics. Damn I rarely see games that are as well written as this game and The Way

Pirate Rush


strong parts: graphics. gameplay.

weak parts: dialogue.


oh so it was a bug

Pirate Rush

How do you solve that torch puzzle in the cave



Why the hell did Moshi lead Leiko to the house saying she knew another way out of that crowd when it was obvious she has no idea what's in the place.

Story line Maker Event

blobofgoo when was your birthday?

[BUG?] controls doesn't work in games

So I recently just downloaded an rm2k game and I tried to play it but to my surprise the arrow keys don't work. I mean in the menu and ingame you can't move the character.
Also the accept button has changed to 'alt' and the cancel buttons are set to other buttons.
I don't know why this happened and thought it was only exclusive to the game but when I tried the old rm2k games i had they all had the same problems.

Help here?

BTW, the arrow keys work perfectly fine out of game.

"Inside Ultimate" - About the inner workings of RM2k9U

Story line Maker Event

Two people with the same story?!

My question was: Why are stories even posted at this moment? Should they not have all been posted after the writing phase was done? Does nobody listen to me?

Evidently not!

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