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Yutaka/Taka: I'm doing the art assets, story, and some programming.
The art side of the Zodiac Fates is

Duncan: Does the story and 99.99% of programming and he's the script guru master of our team!

Please feel free to take a look at our website for more details on our project(s) and my personal website as well (in the About Us section) for art aspects of the projects!




The title screen!

Steam VX Ace Giveaway - Part 1 (Tagline challenge) - Winner announced

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RMN: RPG Mixing Pot


"chia pets~! The pottery that grows!"


Thanks Kentona! Nice Riven/Cloud!


Hey Addit!! THANKS! I am actually working on mine right now! Hope it'll be something people would want to continue playing!

Several questions in regards to Battle and Ougi-Script

Thanks Mr_Detective! Yea I figured that battle no-escape thing right after I asked it!
The link should work now! The ")" was also being attached... D:

Several questions in regards to Battle and Ougi-Script

Hi everyone, for a boss battle I wanted to make it so that escaping isn't possible. Where would I do that? Is it a "Note"?

Second part of the question is for those of you that are more fluent in scripts.
For the Ougi-script by Moghunter ( )

I wanted the <name>_ougi1 picture to slide from the left side and end up at the right, -or- I just wanted it to display for a moment (flash) and go away, any help would be appreciated! Thank you.


Hello there, ambitious one! Welcome and enjoy your stay!

(The end of mid-August? Wouldn't that just be late August?)

Sorry it was suppose To be the end of this month or mid-August! :P


Haha thanks guys! I do have an off topic question on RPG maker DS sprites, wondering if there's a generator that anyone knows about? I'm looking for it both in Japanese and English (Google search) but no luck :(

Homework Salesman

I was wondering if you guys made the sprites or if there's a generator for the DS style sprites? :)