This account is being used by two people and are usually notified at the end or in the beginning who's posting.(But if there isn't any name indicating who it is, it's probably Taka)

Yutaka/Taka: I'm doing the art assets, story, and some programming.
The art side of the Zodiac Fates is

Duncan: Does the story and 99.99% of programming and he's the script guru master of our team!

Please feel free to take a look at our website for more details on our project(s) and my personal website as well (in the About Us section) for art aspects of the projects!




Welcome to RMN! I'll take a Coffee Coolatta, please!

Here's a guide to get your started:

New to RMN?

You'll find out about the game submission process there.

Hey super cool! Thanks edchuy!


Hi everyone!
I joined this site so I could present a game to you guys by the end of this month of mid-august.
I don't know a lot of the basics for posting a game on here so if anyone could help me out on that aspect I'd greatly appreciate it.

I've been working on a game with two partners whom are busy lately, but have been giving a lot to the project. I'm the art/creator and co-story writer for this game and we have a wordpress account for it! I have a ton of questions and a lot to work on, but I hope this community will guide me to the right directions! Thanks!
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