Ugh...Horrible Fanfics

Funniest thing is this guy's actual intention's making these read like anime episodes.

Also, lol.
Due to my demise of my DA account of being banned...

Questions you always wanted to ask other members, but felt too lazy or awkward to do so.

Awww, Craze, I have a friend who looks exactly like that. And he's just as hairy as you claim not to be. : D

Which RTP character would you marry?

Oscar, but only if he cuts his fringe and wears blue contacts all the time.

Every time you...

I actually never remember the people who stay with the same avatars. I just go "Oh, it's that guy/girl" and move on. In contrast, when I see someone else I go "Oh, it's username. He/She changed his/her avatar again." That's what recognition is for me.

Which is funny, cause I'm the changes-avatar-once-every-six-months type.

Would You Rather?

Way to miss the point of a "would you rather?" game

Lay Bare Your Numbers

Lay Bare Your Numbers

You mean like in Laxius Power?


What do you want to eat/drink right now

A strawberry cheesecake with black coffee.

Pretentious Bullshit and Missing the Point: The Sequel to the Game to the Movie

1) Meaningful discourse/observations about (very) rarely explored subject matter.

2) A shock jock-style attempt to garner attention by offering some vague preconception of depth and symbolism.

Tbh, I'm surprised. That's very naive. Maybe it's just the crudeness that comes with being a teenager but when you started listing things I was expecting to read something more like "Rape as many victims as possible within the time limit"