i'm preety good at making brid's-eye 2D adventure games with game maker 8. i also once shot a bear in my pajamas! how it got in my pajamas i'll never know....


anyone have gamemaker sprites/backrounds? i'll credit you!

if you have gamemaker sprites that would go with a detective game ( cafe' scenes, warehouses, and i curently need a detective too.) and i would prefer they were each seperate images please. and if you had a download page, that would be easier than saving each image. thanks in advance!

just need a beta tester. nothing fancy.

i just need someone to test my game. there's only 1/2 of the levels done, i just need some help with comments and such. i found some levels a bit easy, but i need someone to tell me check or fail. it's in my locker, labled "BallZinstall.Zip" you don't need winRAR to open it though, it's not a acrchive.

BEST boss tracks on RPG's

personnally, this one's a no-brainer

and here's a remix:

and then there was ridley. who could forget ridley?

and TF2 has rpg elements, and it's got a really nice soundtrack, so here it is:

feel free to post your ideas here too!

tips for SMBX level design

1. doing a hill level? mix up the fat slopes and the steep slopes to create a more natural feel to them
2. make sure your bonus levels are worth the effort. personally, i put 1UP's at the end of the level because they have use outside the level.
3. make sure your dungeon has appropriate and original monsters.
Good: Bad:
Zombie Koopa Koopa Troopa
Boo Goomba
Whomp Digger
Giant Boo Chomper Plants
Lava Sparks Missle Moe (or Giant Bullet Bill)
4. if your levels are mainly multiplayer, make sure that there are cooperatvie puzzles throughout the level.
5. you can use quicksand as a method of transportation.
6. you can use jumping toad to simulate toads that you have to rescue (make sure they're like this: freindly {no} don't move {yes})
7. it's not a mario game if peach isn't kidnapped.

do you need a beta tester?

I've tried at least 27 times to produce a decent game. i'm giving UUUPPP. i'm just gonna help people test their games. it'll save me a little effort, a lot of humiliation, and a crap load of athritus. just post your game here, put it in your locker, i'll test it and give you my peer reveiw.
and if it requires a certain program you can forget it.

PLAYTESTERS-good or bad?

this is a debate/discussion forumn.
if, like me, you suck so badly at game design that you need to run your project over 1,000,000 times to make sure it doesn't make you hang your head in shame displaying it, you should probably use a classic element of game denelopment- playtesters.
-better game
-get feedback before you launch a game
-see how much people like it before you launch it
-file sharing to get them the game can be backbreaking, and it might spread a computer virus/spyware
-some (or most) people don't have WinRar (me one of them) to unzip tiresome .zip files that people hate that you send games to them (we're looking at you, enterbrain.)
-most playtesters whant money (yeah. money) to test your game that will be free when you launch (WTF???)

get ready.... DISCUS!!!!!

Ideas for Battle Cards

i'm making a JRPG that uses a card system. post your card ideas here. make them as wild or crazy as you want.

JRPG or 3D rpg?

if you had to pick, would you pick classic 2D top-veiw JRPG's like the early FINAL FANTASY series and CHRONO TRIGGER, or the new-fangled 3D RPG's like THE LEGEND OF ZELDA and THE ELDER SCROLLS IV: OBLIVION?

Good idea or do i put a little more thought into it?

it's called "The Cards: A Caster's Tale" it's a JRPG make with RMXP. you equip cards like normal armour and weapons, and the items are cards also. there are no random encounters, but rather you can challenge people off the street and participate in arena battles. there are classes, called "clans", that dictate what type of cards you can use. the atrubutes are different as well. winner or looser?

ok, did i waste 3 days of my life?

every project i submit keeps being rejected, i can't figure out how to use winRAR to play games, should i just friggin' quit while i'm ahead???
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