No tears for the creatures of the night, bitch PLEASE. - TuxedoMane

I'm Nurvuss and I like making music and games and writing stuff. Sometimes it seems that I never have enough time to do any of these things. Let's be pals!
JB Hairboll in Murder Fl...
When a frog turns up cold in Flirty Bird Park, the fuzz can only call one cat for help...



Ghost Visit

The idea is adorable!

The Room

You are tearing me apart, Soul_Hacker!

(sorry, had to)


It's like Nitzer Ebb RPG.

Postcards: A Visit with Grandma

Damn, featured on the front page? To what do I owe the honor?

Thanks everybody for your interest and kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed this short and personal piece.

The Haunted World: Hell's Gate

I was actually going to e-mail you to ask if this project was still active.

Tough break, Schwer. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I feel for you. My mom's got cancer too.

Anyway, hope you're well!

Suikoden VI

Ghost Suburb II: From Beyond Sleep Into The Eyes of Madness

Rance - The Brutal Legend

Is it porny? Rance is pretty porny!

A Christmas Adventure!


I look forward to seeing how this plays out :) I love the aesthetic.
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