I'm a currently beginner indie game developer, and semi-animator due to using MikuMikuDance. A Backstage worker who sets up and tears down sets before and after theater shows. I'm also a gamer. Yes I live with my parents currently, but I mostly don't have a care in the world about that situation at the moment, though it's beginning to seem more lively lately.

Steam User Name: Durami (was KDC705, youtube channel named KDC705 still though), you may want to search kdc017 or my e-mail address to find me, or look in the rpgmaker.net Steam group.



RMN Christmas Card 2020

Oh yeah. I think I did sign up for the 2017 game. Welp, time to make my NPC self have a tougher time than just not finding anything to Christmas shop, except for alchohol if I remember correctly. I should probably replay the old 2017 game to refresh my memory.

Learning the Ability Vizija sova

Is Russian the magical language? Putin must be a magician.

Jokes aside, lovely scene! C:

Serbian (Latin). I kind of cheated by using Bing Translator. Mainly because I only know English, a bit of Spanish (but can't pronounce them), and a teeny tiny bit of Japanese.

Also, thanks for the feedback. I hope to do more things like this in the future.

Cutscene Preview 3 (WARNING!!! May offend certain individuals, I never meant to offend certain individuals)

Maybe mentioning what exactly might be triggering to people would be a good idea instead of a vague omg you might be offended?

For those wondering:
- mentions of rape
- lying about rape
- slight body horror (eye replacement)

Ah... Kind of trying to figure out how to actually mention it in my own words. But yeah, about those three.

Oh jeez, the way rape is brought up and spoken about in this clip is pretty poorly handled and bad enough on its own, but the issue is really compounded by how awful the writing is surrounding it is. It takes it from just being an uncomfortable topic to an uncomfortable topic handled in an incredibly poor and distasteful way.

This really feels like someone trying to tell a story that they dont have the writing experience or understanding to actually tell.


I'm actually rusty in the story writing department. Though I'll probably replace the dialogue to more of a flash back while I'm working on it. For now my focus is to salvage what I can after I changed Battlesystem scripts, so this was a quick draft.


Style clash like crazy.
Way late to reply, but yeah. I'll probably change the concept image of the plan.


*Phew* Luckily none of my games (Completed or not), nor my account name is on there. Though I'm tempting to legitly do such a thing in the future. I'm just glad there's no faker posing as me on itch.io and giving out spam to every person who downloads the fake version of my completed games/demos. And I had one completed game and it stunk because I was a young Tweenager, or maybe a bit older then.

RMN Christmas Card 2017

I found myself.... in the RMN Night Club....

(reads text)

... I guess that's fair enough.

Net Neutrality FCC Vote

This is plain censorship to information/free-speech. The internet is one of the mass communication mediums they can't fully control yet (contrary to paper/radio/TV programs). However, now with this "law"...

I hope people now realize how corrupt their government is and (who) would benefit from something like this?
I'll say this: without the internet, WW3 would've already happened.

As an American myself, I already knew how corrupt our government is. No thanks to our elected president in the recent election that happened about two years ago... I think.

RMN Christmas Card 2017 - SIGN UPS CLOSED

It's been a while since I did something Christmas related. So I guess I'll join in on this one.

Let's see... the only thing I would want my character to do in this is probably go Christmas Shopping.

Early Access Half Update

Big thumbs up image. Yay! Congrats for the new release, I love to see things progress and go well.


Thanks. I'll try not to disappoint. :)


Someone must fight for the ghost's rights. D:<

Hehe. :)