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Oh, real quick...

Hey 2 heads are better than one. I'm sure it helps unburden some of the load you've had with this project.


I like the mission mark mission as well. Ironically, this and final fantasy discovery have very similar systems, seems like you guys are gonna go head to head for best final fantasy fan game. Although, I know you guys are actually helping one another on each others games anyway. I'm looking forward to both of your projects.

A world of fun and games!

Dude...that is a loooooooooot of content planned. I wish you luck. After playing Blackmoon Prophecy 1 though, I don't doubt you can accomplish it.


I'd say if you are implementing new skills or augments. You could have some type of challenge mode to give them as a reward. Depending on when you release the DLC after the game, extra skills would be irrelevant since some people would have finished the game anyway. Plus I think it would be more rewarding to have the player earn the items in question. You could do this in various ways. Specific challenges, one on one fights, an extra boss, or even an extra minigame or two.


So how are the systems gonna work for it? Will it be only for monsters you capture? Will they have abilities they can learn?


Man I loved that animation for Sandstorm it looked rough!


Or fall down ala final fantasy 9


This is definitely my most anticipated game on RMN. Guess I'll supplement my taste with Master of the Wind and Dragon Quest Legacy of the Lost till its ready.