Young, black, and I have a passion for rpgs.




That makes sense, I'm sure poor Terra hates bein a testing dummy lol.


I remember staying up all night marathoning it with my friends. Good times. I like that Terra sprite too where did you get it from?


Weird. I actually recall watching it on Netflix before. I guess I was wrong but I do love that show though.


I loved that show too. However, I'm not too surprised by this because of this show's tumultuous history. At least the creator got to have his show back in its final season. Guess I'll watch old reruns of Netflix and listen to some Childish Gambino!

Your favorite game EVER!

I'd have to go by category, for RPGs its a tie between the Original Legend of Legaia, FFX, and Shadow Hearts Covenant.

For fighting games it would undoubtedly be Soul Calibur 2 as a played that game so Much I'd forget to finish up HW. Mortal Kombat (the newest one) would be a close second because me and my friends played that game every day for literally six months, no joke,.

Finally for sports games I have to give it up for NBA street, it was the pinnacle of pure fun of any sports game I ever played.


I can't stop looking at that portrait of Ellie. Hope my girlfriend doesn't find out lol.


Ah, I see that makes sense to fill out space. I noticed the Augment/Relic tab was missing, does that mean the relics are just gonna be listed under equipment?


Looks pretty cool. is it possible to change colors? Also, that limit break gauge looks a little too long in the menu.

Team Fortress 2! (Free to Play)

I think I'll give it a shot since my finals are almost rapped up.

Anyone play Hearthstone?

Just wanted to see if anyone here liked playing hearthstone. I'm still a relatively new player and just having fun with the game. My user name is Rhb84 if you want to add me. I'd love to play with a lot of people here if anyone is interested.