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The Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

Does anyone have a copy of Dark Eternal Dissolution? The creator's website is down. He is still working on the sequel too if anyone's interested and he released the beta for it on Facebook this weekend.


New Demo Release Information

This is interesting. About how far will the completed demo (once everything's finished of course) be in comparison to the full game?

Lakria Legends Review

It was no problem at all. I think this game has huge potential and I just wanted to let people know about it so it could a little more exposure. I really should thank you because you have obviously put a lot of work into the game and I can't wait to see what its going to be like once its completed.

Bug Exterminator

Ok. I know you've put a lot of work into this and you have certainly done a good job.About how far is the full game progressing?

Bug Exterminator

Hey Koopa. I've been encountering a few bugs here and there. The main bug however, is that the game crashes when I use blue save points. I replaced the exe with the new one and still encountered the problem.