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So, it seems how relics were implemented has changed as well. I see in the menu there are only 2 relic slots when in old videos the augments had more slots for offense and defense.

Artist Blog 01 - Happy 2 Year Anniversary!

Wow I would have never guessed about the stronger artistic direction you guys were taking. Good luck though. For the first pick I'm guessing either Kain or Firion, for the second I'm gonna say, Tidus with a hat on, and for the final character I'll say James from Team Rocket, who now has recently gotten into yugioh.


Now that does sound fun. So are many of the optional aeons gonna have their own dungeons or just show up over the course of the story.


This better a really good Aeon cus that sounds a little annoying. Cool dynamic though.

June 2014 Demo Outline

Man. You work really fast. Can't wait to see the demo in action though.


I love me some good puzzles!


Now that I think about it. Are there any other bosses with animated attacks like Bahamut as well.


That's understandable. Honestly, I could see laying the groundwork on maps, scripts, and story taking priority anyway. Seems like animations should be finished towards the end since they're your favorite part of doing it anyway.

Turn-Based no more.

I don't know why but I swear you were gonna talk about actual "Battle Mechs" like giant robots. I was thinking to myself, "What does have to do with anything?"


I take it the "Fixed Dice" limit break wasn't animated yet?