I've been an active member for about 6 or 7 years now. I started my RMN career by releasing the Eden Legacy Trilogy of games (each entry took 4 months of nonstop work) within one year, and I've gradually shifted to creating other games as well. I now have 3 flagship series: Eden Legacy, Fragile Hearts, and Mafiosi. I'm pretty much solely focused on the Mafiosi series of visual novels right now, as my band and job currently take up most of my free time.

Currently working on
-Mafiosi IV
-Eden Legacy IV: Return to Eden
-Fragile Hearts III

Eventual Productions:
~Memories Neverlasting~
-Transcendentalico: Unending Lives
Mafiosi 3
As circumstances escalate, the Gallo family reaches its breaking point.



Blog #10- More on M2 and M3!

Slow month so far, just finished chapter 16.

Visual novels for people who are terrible at puzzles

I've been on a visual novels kick for a couple years now, love them! It's hard to beat the legit Japanese ones, like Higurashi When they Cry, Umineko When They Cry, Fate/Stay Night, Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate, Sakura Taisen series, Never7, Ever17, Remember11.

There are some slight differences between styles of VNs that you may need to know though, if you're serious about getting into them.

Straight-forward visual novels usually have choices involved, with alternating routes leading to different endings. Sometimes this means having good ends, bad ends, and true ends, while other times they'll just be *different* ends.

Kinetic Novels are VNs with no choices involved and no altering paths involved. It's pretty much just a novel with the pretty pictures to help the story along. The most famous of which are the When They Cry series (includes Higurashi, Higurashi Kai, Umineko, and Umineko Chiru). They're actually my favorites, though they take a long time to get from the cheerful and boring day in the life scenarios to the chilling and gore-filled climaxes. I actually prefer kinetic VNs because very few VN writers are able to pull choices off well imo. My MAFIOSI novels are kinetic novels because of this (also available on this site).

Eroge, you will probably want to stay away from. They're just pure hentai VNs, with very little in the way of story. My advice is to avoid at all costs. Some popular VNs unfortunately do have some hentai in them though, like Fate/Stay Night and the Muv Luv series, so you have to be careful and do your research before trying one. Imo, sex scenes can really drag down what was really a pretty good story (an example being Fate/Stay Night), not just because they aren't normally handled very well, but they interrupt the flow of the story and really feel out of place (at least, in every case I've come across).

OELVN stands for Original English Language Visual Novel. These are mostly indie made VNs that were created by Ren'Py, a VN making program. There are a few of these on this site, as mentioned above.

There are also some great VN/RPG hybrids, which simply contain elements of visual novels in them. Sakura Taisen is a popular one, although only the 5th one has been translated to English (I played the rest using an English guide). Record of Agarest War is another example, though it's hard as hell and I don't really recommend it.

Blog #10- More on M2 and M3!

And just like that, chapter 15 is done too!
Fun fact, the word count is now tied with that of the entire first novel, and there are still 9 whole chapters and an epilogue left to write :)

Blog #7 - 2nd release coming soon!

Editing of chapters 7-12 has begun, so a couple more days and this should be ready for release!



Blog #6- It's Going!

10th chapter is completed, and boy, is it ever a crazy one!

My band's music video has been released! Check it out:

Yep, I should have probably made my user name s.bester because everyone seems to read sbester as a really awkward sounding word lol.
That would be Nequita, Happy. Fun fact, there's a third girl in the background, Amanda, who was unfortunately held up at the time of the video shooting. Hopefully she will be there for the next video, filming soon.

My band's music video has been released! Check it out:

The ratty looking one on guitar :P

My band's music video has been released! Check it out:

Thx IF! Glad you're liking it!


Subbed! I need to finish dys before I try this though... which I'll try to make happen soon :P