Peaceful Days

still waiting for the release~

Above & Below

coming soon?

The Cat's Minute Whimsy DEMO

1.62 GB for demo?!
er how long does this demo's expected playtime?

EDIT : 1.62gb , 5 minute demo
not much bug
just kinda freeze when giving rainbow flower to wolf while standing on south of her

hmm i'd say its interesting
waiting for next update

(Unfinished) MPC RPG

ho ho i'm curious

Almora: Online

any chance for this to get continued?

Rune Life

hmm hmm~ want to play this

[RMVX ACE] Need help about making game

thanks for the respond~
already trying it out after seeing tutorial vid up there

Suikoden - A New Destiny


finished psx ver many year ago~

[RMVX ACE] Need help about making game

hi there i started making hobby game 2 day ago
and i have lot of question

1) how to edit start screen? ( the one that have new game , load game , quit game )
2) if i downloaded a map and icon for item , where/which folder do i put it? to make it appear in database choice
3) i see few game can make an item which if player use , the player will be change sprite / teleported to other place , how to make that?
4) i tried making conditional branch but i don't understand how to make it work properly
for example i put it on a door
when i test it , the door disappear

5) tried making guard to block road
that need key item to pass
i already made the key item ,but the guard let me pass even if i have or dont have the key item

if possible may i see some picture of event content?
or game that can be used as example/undecrypted

thanks before~

Infinity IV: Open Source

er patched that bandit thing
but they still there
infinity bandit works

btw i replaced that Map001.rvdata2 into DATA as instructed

scratch that
they're gone after i played new game

is adoption possible there?
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