The Arms of Reverie
The world is divided by a great darkness known as the Nebula. The Dark forces, led by an Evil Prince are trying to gain control of an ancient power and finish war that began over a thousand years ago.




One of the best scenes ever.


That is a sweet map!

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These tents make it look 1000x better. I would make at least one more variation of burn marks in the roof of the tent, though. The first and third tents in this shot (left to right) are easily spotted as the same.

Something I have found from experience is that having the same decal/doodad patterns on a map isn't necessarily a bad thing, but keep them at least a screen width apart. Ensuring that the end-user won't see them at the same time. This will reduce the chance that they will notice them, or if they do notice them, highly reduce the amount that they care.

Yeah, I switched the one on the right with another tent, but I was thinking of making one more "damaged" tent since those are a lot easier to make then the destroyed one. But thanks!

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Edit: Also check out Indra's Mapping Guide.

I have desperately needed something like this for a while, thank you!

The Screenshot Topic Returns

So I attempted to make a destroyed tent, I don't really like how it looks but it's the best I could do. Aside from that, this map is pretty much done though (I think).

Going commercial?

I can agree that self gratification is way over valued, but I don't think the problem inherently lies within video game making. People who don't take in the whole scope of what makes a society function are dangerous too though.

Science and engineering alone can't make society function. I think people value high level degrees too much. Having grown up and worked in the construction industry, I can tell you that many of the high paid engineers and architects I've worked with lack practical skills and created more work then necessary.

I realize this is going off topic a bit, but my point is that 250 million people with 'high skills' doesn't necessarily translate into 250 million skilled people. And while there are too many people in the entertainment industry, someone who creates something worthwhile can actually contribute to society, even though they may not be considered 'highly skilled'.

For example: Nintendo's creation of the Wii has helped to keep elderly people in nursing homes active. While this may be attributed to the engineers who created the system, someone had to have the idea to create games that would work that way, and execute a game that would keep people interested.

(Nearly) Every field can be beneficial. There is no reason to knock people for wanting to earn a living doing something they enjoy.

(I realize I'm all over the place here but I have the flu and should be sleeping, so cut me some slack, ha.)

(I'm also really bitter about architects who get praise for designing things, when I've never worked with an architect who could design something in a way that actually worked, or have the skills needed to actually make something themselves.)

Going commercial?


-i would love to

-it'd be nice but i'm not banking on it

-I wouldn't make games for money if they weren't something I believed in

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TP, your dead bodies could use some more work, imho. Look at the one with the green bandana, for instance; his arm is hovering. If his life was taken, his body is lax, the arm should be on the ground. The way it is now, I can tell that you just took a sprite facing left and rotated it.

When people die violently, as these people seem to have, usually they drop in awkward positions. I know that the VX style (Big head, small everything else) doesn't help with that, but, you may find a workaround.

Yeah, I really don't have much ability with graphics, but I can try to adjust his arm some. I've tried making them look like the enterbrain dead sprites but that failed pretty miserably, ha. The only one that I think looks any good is the one in the water, and that's only when its in motion because it bobs up in down in the water.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

That looks nice, too, but now I don't see any tents at all! I wanted to see one burnt to the ground. But the smoky filter on top looks good.

Still working on the tents and not having much luck, ha. That shot was more to show the dead characters, the darker screen and the fried palm tree. Thanks though!

I have re-done the layout one more time to spread stuff out. Is it an improvement? Also, I'm considering changing the icons to just text more like a standard RPG now that the whole "Command Bar" thing I had going on is gone.

I think it looked better with the command bar underneath the character bars, but its not bad.

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edit: the boat is supposed to be left in tact on purpose.