The Arms of Reverie
The world is divided by a great darkness known as the Nebula. The Dark forces, led by an Evil Prince are trying to gain control of an ancient power and finish war that began over a thousand years ago.



Dumbest Video Game Twists?{Spoilers}

Damn this topic, opening up old wounds. I thought I had gotten over FF8 and MGS2. Anyway, I really despised most of the plot points from the last 5% of Final Fantasy 9. Its a shame because I really liked the game up until then.

Agreed. The end of the game just seemed like a copout. Up until you meet Garland, the game is amazing. If they had done almost anything more with the story, it probably would be my favorite game in the series. I really wish they had developed Vivi's story more.

Mapping Contest #1

Really fun map, I felt like I was playing an actual adventure game, not just walking through a town map contest. Awesome.

Really beautiful map, well put together, easily navigable, believable town.

Made me jealous of my lack of mapping skills. Liked the story line behind it, reminded me of Corel Village from FFVII. Tons of passability errors, but otherwise an extremely pretty map.

Huge town, had fun chopping the pots with my sweet martial arts skills. Really immersive, tons of NPC's and things to see. A few bugs, but overall a nice town.

Some nice ideas behind this map, but it was really empty feeling, could have used more variation in the buildings.

Lotus Games:
Really liked the overall 'mood' of this map. You could tell something sinister was brewing somewhere in there. Enjoyed the cutscene, but felt like it dragged on a little too long.

I liked the atmosphere of the town. The whole scene was pretty interesting. I found where the kid was hiding! A few mapping errors that led to some strange stuff but I liked the map.

My vote:SGCN

It was a close one, I really really liked Jude and Melkino's maps too, but SGCN seemed to capture what the contest was about the most while having the least (I didn't notice any), errors. Enjoyed the whole experience though.

Mapping Contest #1

@tpsmall: Ah I see. I'm unfamiliar with VX mapping. Maybe it's possible by using the shift key?

It is, but then you have to change passability settings and have invisible tiles blocking the ledges and I didn't think of doing that until you mentioned it haha. I might redo it since it's going to be a part of my game and see if I can make it look right.

Mapping Contest #1

I don't think I'm using an RTP for mine, you should just be able to download it

I had to download rgss102e.dll but it works now, checking it out!

I wonder why you didn't make more use of the cliff edge tiles? There are some places you have them, but for most of your cliffs lack them. Liked the water sound effects.

That tile is a 'ceiling' tile and doesn't work well with the other tiles. RMVX is terrible for that.

Mapping Contest #1

Ahh ok, I'll see what I can come up with.

Also to anyone who checks out my map, be brutal with it. I'm still really new to mapping and need all the feedback I can get. I've already fixed a couple flaws with it that didn't make the contest entry, but I need all the help I can to learn how to map. Thanks!

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Also, did you actually test that boulder set? It seems impossible from that side.

It's passable in game, my guess is she just didnt want the actual puzzle in the shot.

Mapping Contest #1

Just downloaded all the games, I can't play a few because I only have VX. Not looking forward to how much better these maps are than mine, haha.

Edit: I also get an error with Jude's game "the file system2c cannot be opened".

Dumbest Video Game Twists?{Spoilers}

the whole Final Fantasy VIII orphanage/GF twist.

There is nothing else ever even remotely close to how stupid that was.


Wow, this makes my town look like crap.

Review Just One Game

Would someone like to review the first 1.5 to 2 hours of my current project? :) Or is too short to review currently?

Here's the link if anyone is interested.

I might do it since my wife has a conference call for work tomorrow night so I can play on my computer all I want, no promises though. I may end up playing DC Universe instead, ha.