Digimon World Ace: The Lost Symbols

i like the graphics or the general look of the game, very cool use of the "server" concept. the sprites were also amazing!i surprised myself on how much of their names i still remembered.

now off to the good stuff...
seriously, do you know how hard it is to decode a chest if you dont know what letter-case they're in?

first chest was

but it was absolutely frustrating how hard it was to get the case right (gave up somewhere between 20 or 25th try)

oh and also its scary how easy it was to be trapped in the sewers...
seriously, i had to stretch my luck when i found out i had zero restore and still a long way from the surface!

EDIT: oh, and i think the last battle needs a bit of a fix... maybe make hawkmon just defend BEFORE he evolves?

Tale of Exile Act I

Lots of bug in this game,some of the flavor texts turn to either another language (i dont really recognize it) or just plain gibberish. some of the tiles dissapear completely. and the webs cant be crossed anymore when the quest finishes even when you still have excess potions.

oh and a suggestion, make the drowned mans hands cheaper or better yet, make the other loot higher price because its TOO EASY to farm the zombies and they dont even damage that much (except fot the magic and when bad luck strikes. i once had a 8 straight misses 2 of which came from BEHIND the witch and still didnt hit XD)

Also, that battle when you escort the 5000g gang member has a major exploitable glitch as well, the second character (the one who pops up in the bushes) has virtually unlimited action points
you just have to make him defend (doesnt work, only alters the black mercenary's positioning but dont confirm the action yet, then cancel the action so that the gladiator guy gets 1 free action point.

ohh and i loved the speech that prince made, i got The Great as a title and it was well... great! haha

the prosecution bit was more difficult for me though, i had to redo it 3 times before i got the not guilty verdict and still lost all 8 of my reputation! oh well, the price of being kind i guess :D

overall, i loved it! hope the act 2 gets done as well! good luck on whatever you are currently doing.

The Merchant's Tale

well, i actually meant to screenshots and the opening song on your tumblr (i dont really use tumblr like at all). maybe mine wasnt the best worded comment of all time, lemme just ask for forgiveness if ever your intelligence was insulted. i dont really post much here and i wasnt in the "right" state of mind (still on a sickness+medicine induced crazy) and exams arent doing much to help at all so what i am actually saying is that i assume that this game will be short (i mean, how can you drag a straight to the point story like that and not ruin it?) and wanted to give like a shout-out (which was apparently taken the wrong way) and say the work done here is pretty nice (ive actually already played lots of games here on rmn. and again, sorry for my poor choice of words on my past comment. will try to be careful next time (if ever there IS a next time

The Merchant's Tale

please please please! make another game... this game is just visually appealing. i think if this was pared with a nice gameplay &/or storyline it would make one kickass game (not that yours is bad, just that its kinda short

EDIT: oh, and maybe this gets taken the wrong way, but i dont mean you should stop working on this game (masks are amazing). just that you should maybe continue making games on your free time? cure us of boredom with the eye candy that is your game


the background is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. i cant believe how well the background worked! not really perfect, (battle scene's scene doesnt seem to fit right with me) but if just playing it for the sake of playing and not looking too closely, graphic wise its perfect.

i just have a problem with the "clues" bit, i know its hard to make dialog for misleading things like detective work, but still.
also the main character's "story" is something i find kinda funny (a good kind of funny) because of the being sent to a remote village to investigate a "possible sighting" thing.

EDIT: oh and about that old man... i wasnt able to kill the chimera since being solo and all, potion-ing was kinda a pain so maybe a small tweak on hp? (but if you intentionally did it so that you'd HAVE to grind a bit, its fine, i actually love games that needs a bit of grinding on the side)


i love the battle style, too bad the story was short. woulda loved playing more of it, i was like wut? done already? hahaha battle was KINDA hard, but could have been made more of a challenge (i think). and again, great game
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