[RM2K3] Question about pictures

Hi, so I recently implemented an event that shows the area name with a banner at the top left corner of the screen whenever you enter a new map. I have it set where the teleport event to a map with an applicable name has a switch that turns on, which activates a parallel process common event that handles the picture. The banner picture fades in, stays visible for a few seconds, and then fades out and erases itself while turning the switch off. That part works fine.

The problem I'm having is where if you enter a map while the banner fade in/out animation is still in progress and you immediately turn around and exit to the previous map, the banner does not show up at all since I'm assuming the parallel process for the banner is still finishing its execution from the map before. I think I have some ideas how to rectify this but I wanted to know if there's an easier way than having to create a separate event for every map. TIA.

[RM2K3] Question about pictures in battle

This is for the non official version using the pics in battle patch. So I have some pictures being displayed during battle, namely bars under the ATB bars that show an additional resource system that I created. However, there's no way to erase those pictures until the game shifts back to the field from the battle scene. Is there any way at all to trigger events when all enemies are dead or something similar, or heck, even a better way would be some way to stop the bottom battle menu from disappearing when a battle ends?

[RM2K3] Issue with custom battle results screen

Hi everyone,

So I made a custom battle results screen that appears after a battle ends. Without getting into too much detail, it uses several pictures and then gives control back to the player. When battling against normal enemies, it works just fine since there aren't any additional event commands that happen after the enemy is fought. However, for scripted battles and bosses where there is usually dialogue following the battle, whatever events proceed the battle results screen will happen first, and then once those are done, THEN the battle results events occur. I think this may be because of the patch that I applied that allows picture commands to be executed while messages are displaying. Anyone know how I could somehow alleviate this? If you need a better explanation of what's going on or pictures, let me know.

Trying to remember a RM2K3 game

A few years ago I remember playing a really well made game made in 2k3, I remember it being French, and it even had an opening animation. I think I also remember hearing the project was cancelled due to the music creator leaving and not wanting his music in the game anymore. Anyone know what this is?

[RM2K3] Remove equipment slots?


Is there a quickpatch or plugin for removing equipment slots? I'd like only 3 in my game, so was wondering if this has already been possible. Thanks!

[RM2K3] Having some issues on Windows 8.1

So I'm having some issues on using RPG Maker 2003 on my new laptop that has Windows 8.1. More specifically, when I'm placing map tiles. When I'm holding down the left mouse button (or the left side of the touchpad, I tried both) and start dragging to place tiles, the cursor will move with really fast speed and zip across the screen. Unless I move the cursor reeeeallyyyy slow, it will always zip right across the screen. Has anyone encountered this problem, or know what the issue might be? Thanks!
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