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[RMVX ACE] gun-based combat system (WW1)

To solve the problem of ammunition being usable from the normal item window during battle, couldn't you simply set them so that they can't be used during battles?

I gave it a try just now, but the item just ends up being grayed out.

[RMVX ACE] gun-based combat system (WW1)

This script rules! It lets me make it so specific items show up as regular commands!

But is there a way to rename them? I could just rename the item to Attack but that would seem odd.
But maybe I should just do that. The player would go to shops and purchase "Attacks" but w/e. It sort of make sense, since that's pretty much all the bullets are for.

The great thing about removing the normal attack option is it lets me design various rifles as weapons, and they'll ALL require 1 bullet to use all because there will be no way to attack with them.

One downfall with this idea is that Attacks will still show up in Items. One way to avoid this is by making it so all battle show up in the main command window, or can only be used outside of battle.

[RMVX ACE] gun-based combat system (WW1)

I'm still waiting on grid paper, but I decided to get started on my combat system in the meantime. I created three characters and slapped a few enemies onto a sample map.

I need it so attacking consumes ammo. I thought of two versions:
a) Attacking uses up MP (MP would be renamed to something else) and this would represent ammunition
b) Attacking consumes ammo in the form of items.

B seems more favorable at the moment, so I created an item called "Rifle round" and created a treasure chest with 99 of them. I gave the item the animation 36: Bodyslam which does a pretty good job at representing a gunshot. (unfortunately, I haven't yet seen any other animations that are good for this. This may be a problem if I decide to have a variety of weapons)

I gave the item this damage formula:
a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2

Right now though my question is: How to change the order of the commands in battle? I want it so Items appear first.

I also need to get rid of the option to attack. In other words I want Item to replace Attack.

[RMVX ACE] Yanfly Ace Battle Engine

Thanks El_Waka!
By the way, the screenshots show 5 party members. I can have five party members in my RPG? Four portraits take up the whole window so I had assumed the limit was four.

The page also lists a script titled "Revival and Item Animation Fix". Do I need this?

[RMVX ACE] Making steal realistic?

I am having this trouble with putting steal in my game. Because if you beat the enemy then what was the point of stealing from him during the fight? For example if you beat me unconscioius, why not just take my wallet then instead of during the struggle? (The point being it makes no difference when you take it, as I have only 1 wallet. You cannot steal a wallet then also acquire a wallet as end of battle loot to end up with more wallets than physically exist, ergo stealing is useless)

Technically anything you steal, should be taken from the battle loot you would have gotten, but aside from this being really complicated to implement, it makes stealing completely pointless since you were going to get the item anyway.

I had an idea for an RPG, where every enemy runs instead of dies, and that's why stealing would be essential since it's the only way to get stuff. (And there would be no way of leveling, so getting stuff was even more important) Another version of the same idea is that enemies would explode when defeated, resulting in all their stuff carried getting destroyed. (And at least this way you get exp points) But that seems like an odd joke to carry through an entire game.

The last idea is that the stealer is like a magician who pulls things out of the enemy that they didn't know they had. (Such as pulling quarters from behind the ear) This could also be seen as a draw system from FF8 but with the magical energy drawn is instead used to create an item on the fly.

Actually I just thought of another method while writing this. Its the inverse of the running method mentioned above. Rather than the enemy running, you only keep the stolen goods if YOU run. I guess the way that would work, is ,you'd steal something but not see what it is until the battle ends.

Another method is to have each individual enemy immediately run when stolen from, in order to explain why they don't drop loot. But aa stated above, it's items you get one way or another, in effect all this does is make steal into an insta-death attack.

[RMVX ACE] Yanfly Ace Battle Engine

Okay okay, icons are great. xD
If only I could figure out how to stop them from appearing on the names/portraits during battle...

author=Feldschlacht IV
There are a few issues with it imo such as the fact the bars cover the faces, here is an example of what I mean and how I went about fixing it:
See I didn't even notice that until now and now it bothers me

how did you fix it
I imported new images.

*favorites entire topic*

These are some really good tricks everyone, thanks! I'm gonna have to get crafty with the Yanfly UI soon because I'm using both MP and TP in my current project, but the way they're displayed by default is cluttered, especially for what I'm doing.
Oh, darn, I just noticed I have TP disabled. It probably looks worse if I turn TP back on.
But I have no idea yet whether I'll use TP in my game and for what exactly.
I thought about using MP for magic (instead of TP for magic like I had originally planned) but I'd like to use MP AND TP for magic. (the player would have a choice) Which is rather odd.
Maybe I should just stick to MP and make it so characters regain small amounts of MP whenever they attack. (just like TP)
I don't even know how TP works exactly so I should find that out.

p.s. maybe the words "HP, "MP" and "TP" can be removed from the battle display, since it should be easy to know which is which. That will make it a little less cluttered.

inside of yanfly's battle script:

  # overwrite method: draw_face
  def draw_face(face_name, face_index, dx, dy, enabled = true)
    bitmap = Cache.face(face_name)
    fx = [(96 - item_rect(0).width + 1) / 2, 0].max
    fy = face_index / 4 * 96 + 2
    fw = [item_rect(0).width - 4, 92].min
    rect = Rect.new(fx, fy, fw, 92)
    rect = Rect.new(face_index % 4 * 96 + fx, fy, fw, 92) # < ------
    contents.blt(dx, dy, bitmap, rect, enabled ? 255 : translucent_alpha)

change that 92 i pointed an arrow to. it's how many pixels are being vertically sliced out of the faceset!
As a test, I changed the 92 to 12 and it sliced out almost the entire portrait. So you are correct.

Then I changed it to 192 and it just turned back to normal pretty much.
The portraits are 96 x 96, so at best you could change the 92 to a 96 and that only would add 4 rows of pixels, which would be added the bottom of the portrait below the HP/MP bars.

EDIT: Yeah, I tested it. Using default portaits

Top = 92
Bottom = 96
As you can see, you get slightly more portrait with 96, but it does not matter since it's at the very bottom and if anything looks worse.
I also set it to 192 again, but the result is identical to 96.

EDIT: 1871-1878
  # new method: action_icon
  def action_icon(actor)
    return Icon.no_action if actor.current_action.nil?
    return Icon.no_action if actor.current_action.item.nil?
    return actor.current_action.item.icon_index
Maybe if I delete this then the icons will stop appearing in battle?

  # new method: draw_actor_action
  def draw_actor_action(actor, dx, dy)
    draw_icon(action_icon(actor), dx, dy)
draw_actor_action(actor, rect.x, rect.y)
EDIT: Okay. The battle icons are gone. Here are the changes I made:
1806 is now blank
1864-1867 is now blank
1874-1879 is now blank.
Every time I removed something, it caused the game to crash when a battle starts (or when the game starts) but when I removed all three of those things, then it finally worked. Hopefully there aren't any other errors.
Now I should probably test things like poison and stat buffs to make sure it works the way I want.

EDIT: Yeah, it works.

The icons are placed in a rather obstructive way, however. I thought they would have appeared on the top right, across from the character's name.

By the way, I noticed something. When I select Guard, it says "character guards" for a split second, and then nothing.
What does Guard do? Increase DEF?
Then why not have an DEF+ icon for that?
Why not just replace Guard with an effect that adds a DEF increasing status for exactly 1 turn?

EDIT: Here's how I might icons to look like:

NOT A SCREENSHOT. Artistic mockup

If a third or fourth icon appears, it would just continue left and cover the name. So what.
But maybe it's fine the way it is. I could decide to move forward.

[RMVX ACE] Yanfly Ace Battle Engine

Cutting off the bottom of the faceset would solve nothing. The health bars already do that. What does it matter if I cut off something the player can't see. The whole reason I squished the portraits was so you can see the whole portrait instead of having everyone's mouth cut off.

Ultimately I will draw my own character portraits and take the health bars into account when designing the portrait. For example I can make a landscape drawing and then add blank space underneath where the health bars would be.

Disabling all icons, you say? If I had no other choice I probably would, since I barely see the benefit of icons. But I'm guessing there should be something in this script to disable them so I can have icons in just the normal places.

[RMVX ACE] Yanfly Ace Battle Engine

Thanks Craze.

no action icon = 0
name text size = 20
HP text size = 18
name text position x-1 y-5
font bold = true

It's serviceable, at least. I would think the outline for the text should be darker. (seems like it's a light gray, rather than black like in the FF6 screenshots) But the way it is will do for now.

I guess I should get rid of all the icons now. But maybe it would be smarter to find a way to disable the icons in the script as that would technically be less work.

Maybe this has something to do with the icons? 1864-1870
# new method: draw_actor_action
def draw_actor_action(actor, dx, dy)
draw_icon(action_icon(actor), dx, dy)

[RMVX ACE] Yanfly Ace Battle Engine

I had a crazy idea for removing the icons. Why not just go through all the skills and remove the icons from each one? I honestly have no idea what the icons are for. To the best of my memory in every Final Fantasy game, you knew what a spell did simply by reading the name of the spell, there were no damn icons! (and how exactly is an icon supposed to help anyway)

After that there is only one problem, the names would be floating in the middle for no reason. It's more space efficient to make them left aligned.


Thank you!!
But yeah I'm wondering if they could be left aligned more.


# overwrite method: draw_actor_name
def draw_actor_name(actor, dx, dy, dw = 112)
contents.font.bold = true
draw_text(dx+24, dy, dw-24, line_height, actor.name)

x and y variables actually work. This is great. Trying to decide on the best combination for x, y and font size.

[RMVX ACE] Yanfly Ace Battle Engine

Here are default values for 254-259
BATTLESTATUS_NAME_FONT_SIZE = 20 # Font size used for name.
BATTLESTATUS_TEXT_FONT_SIZE = 16 # Font size used for HP, MP, TP.
BATTLESTATUS_NO_ACTION_ICON = 185 # No action icon.
BATTLESTATUS_HPGAUGE_Y_PLUS = 11 # Y Location buffer used for HP gauge.
BATTLESTATUS_CENTER_FACES = false # Center faces for the Battle Status.

And 1902-1924

def draw_actor_hp(actor, dx, dy, width = 124)
draw_gauge(dx, dy, width, actor.hp_rate, hp_gauge_color1, hp_gauge_color2)
cy = (Font.default_size - contents.font.size) / 2 + 1
draw_text(dx+2, dy+cy, 30, line_height, Vocab::hp_a)
draw_current_and_max_values(dx, dy+cy, width, actor.hp, actor.mhp,
hp_color(actor), normal_color)

# overwrite method: draw_actor_mp
def draw_actor_mp(actor, dx, dy, width = 124)
draw_gauge(dx, dy, width, actor.mp_rate, mp_gauge_color1, mp_gauge_color2)
cy = (Font.default_size - contents.font.size) / 2 + 1
draw_text(dx+2, dy+cy, 30, line_height, Vocab::mp_a)
draw_current_and_max_values(dx, dy+cy, width, actor.mp, actor.mmp,
mp_color(actor), normal_color)

I changed
BATTLESTATUS_NO_ACTION_ICON = 185 # No action icon.

And that got rid of the gray button. Thanks Kory_toombs!!
The fist is still there when attacking but now it doesn't seem so bad anymore.

I wonder if I should leave the icon feature alone or try to get rid of it. By default RPG Maker doesn't have those icons, so they hardly seem necessary. If I told my guy to use Cure, why do I need an icon reminding me?

I changed
BATTLESTATUS_NAME_FONT_SIZE = 20 # Font size used for name.
BATTLESTATUS_NAME_FONT_SIZE = 30 # Font size used for name.

It's not space efficient. I don't really need the names to be bigger, I mainly just wanted them to stand out more.

Also, I asked myself whether I need the names at all (since the portraits serve the purpose of showing who is who) but for my particular game I'd actually rather have the names.

Hey I just noticed, the font for the menu commands are the same as everything else. So if I change the font for my entire game, the script will use that font also?