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Is it okay to use music from other games?

What's your stance on ripped graphics from other games?

My personal stance is rather lax. I plan not to encrypt any game I make. I no longer demand others to ask me permission to use my content, so long as they credit me. (or hell, so long as they don't claim to have made it)

That said, I treat user-made content differently from content in officially released games. User made content (regardless whether it's graphics or music) should almost always be credited, and if someone objects to me using their content then I ought to oblige. Using assets from PS2 games is okay in my book since the creators were already reimbursed for their work, and on some level the work is already famous and part of the general culture. It shouldn't be a problem so long as my project is free.

A good example is someone making a Sonic sprite comic. It is okay to use the sprites from a game this way, but if they start making T-shirts and mugs and selling them on their website, then they're asking for trouble. Another example is photomosiac Magic the Gathering placemats someone made, and tried selling them. They were pretty cool and at least had the originality of being photomosiacs of MtG art that he had to have arranged himself somehow. So while he created something cool and deserving of praise, it's a little less cool when you try to sell it since the artwork technically wasn't his to sell.

Basically I guess what I believe is, so long as you're not out for profit or reimbursement, anything is fair game.

I wonder why you'll only buy RPG Maker if you can use music from other games... why should it be such a deal breaker?

I don't know. It's just something I was looking forward to being able to do I guess.
I wasn't saying I wouldn't get RPG Maker over it, but it would be disappointing.

I mean, it's the easiest mildly flexible engine for making games... I'm sure you'll still have whatever problems you have here making a game in something similar like Game Maker. Generally this site is more tolerant of rips than most sites.

Well, if I really wasn't allowed to use ripped music in RPG Maker then I figure the same is true of all game makers, so getting another game maker wouldn't necessarily solve anything.
Anyway, you seem to be mistaken on one point, I had no plans of getting another game maker other than RPG maker. It was RPG maker or bust. Maybe someday I might consider other game makers, but RPG Maker always seemed like by far the best place to start. (especially now that I downloaded the Lite version and made an RPG, so I sort of know how it works)

Is it okay to use music from other games?

By which I mean music from games released on other systems such as PS2.

Is it frowned upon? Will I get blacklisted for doing this?

Sorry if the answer is obvious or if this is something that's been discussed a thousand times. I'm completely new to the ring and I just figured I should get this question out of the way before I plop down the $70 for VX Ace. The answer to this thread will definitely factor into my decision whether to get RPG Maker or not.

[RMVX ACE] New to RPG Maker, help me do stuff

It sounds dumb, but: Bad games/mechanics/etc. are a better inspiration than good ones. With good things, people tend to copypaste them into their games without understanding why they work. Bad systems, however, make you more concious about why they're bad and what you can do to make it work better. I always plan out stuff based on ideas I like but are terribly executed.

I agree totally.

Remember your "Dream Game?" How did that turn out?

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[RMVX ACE] New to RPG Maker, help me do stuff

The necropost was good timing. I just finished that tutorial PDF, and uploaded my first RPG yesterday. It's basically just a reskin of Ring of Udrai, obviously, and only about 5-10 minutes long, since I followed pretty much everything the tutorial told me to, but it was fun to add my own spin on it. One thing I did was use switches/branches to make the optional quests mandatory and part of the main quest. I also made the final boss a save point and he refuses to fight you unless you are a certain level. The inn is also a save point. It's pretty sweet that I was able to add touches like that completely on my own and it was no thing at all after everything I had learned.

There were a few small things the tutorial told me to do which I couldn't do, because I had the Lite version. Fortunately I think I understood the gist of what was being done.

So anyway, now I am in a position where I could buy the software and start making my "first" serious RPG. There's still a lot I don't know how to do but at least now I am in a position to learn, since I got the basic stuff covered.

It looks like a lot of the things I want to do will require scripts, so I am at the complete and utter mercy of script writers and whatever scripts are available. I also know nothing about how to go shopping for scripts or where it is exactly I can get them.

One small question though, is it possible to remap the controls in my RPG? I dislike that the ESC key is the only way to cancel out of menus, so much so that this may actually affect the way I design games unless there is a way to use a different key.

[RMVX ACE] New to RPG Maker, help me do stuff

Can SOMEONE delete the double post and the posts talking about it? (besides this one) Seeing as some people can't wrap around the head that it was an accident, and are making a really big deal out of it.

- Give the event the graphic you want it to have, and set its "Trigger" to "Event Touch". In the contents, make a Battle Processing event command and select the monster party you want to encounter when the event is touched. Check "Continue even when loser" and then in the branch for "if win" turn on a switch. Make a new page for the event with a blank graphic set to "Below Characters" or "Above Characters" and set its condition to that same switch. This will make the event disappear when the enemy is defeated.
You almost lost me, but I figured it out. This actually works. Thanks! How to make the enemy move around though?

Truthfully I don't understand the next part of your post but I'll give it a shot.

p.s. How to make it so the battle music is whatever music was playing in the area you were in? In other words I want to start a battle without any change in the music. Is that possible?

there are a few build along tutorials that are fantastic, this is one that I found very helpful:


basically you just download it, follow the pdf, and it'll really help with everything you need to get a general overview of the game. I love it.

Thanks! I just downloaded it and I have to say it seems really useful. This might be exactly what I need.

p.s. I just tried the game, and I love the fact that it's apparently possible to do rain effects in RPG Maker. That's one of the things I wanted for my game but decided not to ask until later. xD

[RMVX ACE] New to RPG Maker, help me do stuff

OK I've decided, it's going to be a WW1 RPG. Are there good tilesets for that? Particularly I need tilesets for night because half the time the game will be set at night. Also need sandbags and barbed wire.

Maybe I will create all the environments in the entire game first.
Then add all the cutscenes.
Then add all the battles.
Just seems easier to make the game that way but what do I know.

In the game, the main character's portrait will change over the course of the game. (example, of what I mean: http://maunderingcabal.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/buddha-tezuka.jpg) If that's not possible I could just release the game as multiple games, so its like its own episodal series.

BTW, thanks for the replies and the help!

p.s. I can't believe portraits aren't shown in battle by default. The portraits are THE ONE THING I really liked about rpg maker style of battles as opposed to final fantasy style, so much so that I've started to wonder if RPG maker is actually preferable to having animated sprites, instead of just being convenient.

I once played a game made in rpg maker that had character portraits in battles so I guess I kind of assumed all the games have it by default.

It could be kind of odd if the portraits are smiling during an epic battle, but I guess the solution is to make the portraits not smile.

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Didn't I already say? I didn't mean to double post. I was editing the first post and clicked "save" and it didn't load the thread, so I assumed nothing happened and tried submitting the post normally, which resulted in two of the exact same post.

In other words, blame the site for being set up weirdly!

[RMVX ACE] New to RPG Maker, help me do stuff

edit: double post wtf? I guess clicking preview and then save causes the thread to get posted, but it doesn't take you to the thread so I didn't know that.

edit: In hindsight I'm not sure what happened. Maybe it did take me to the thread, but it's hard to tell since it just looks like a preview, and one of the buttons below your post says "Save" which makes it sound like you're looking at an unfinished draft and you want to save your work without submitting it.

[RMVX ACE] New to RPG Maker, help me do stuff


Original post (edited):
Mind you I am using the trial version, so I apologize for any confusion as to what is/isn't available in this version. (The full version is $70, I'm not ready to plop that kind of money down unless I feel I have a reasonably good shot of making exactly the kind of RPG I want)

Here's what I want to figure out how to do:
- How to make character portraits appear in combat? For the default character there is none.
- How to make it so the option to Fight or Run doesn't constantly appear during combat? The game should always assume I'm fighting.

Well I have more questions, but I guess I should do things a step at a time. I should try to make my first RPG something simple. That said, I am curious whether it's possible to do the following:

- Is it possible to make it so more enemies appear in the middle of battle? In other words, multiple waves of enemies in a single battle. Defeat one wave, and more enemies appear to replace them instead of the battle simply ending.
- Not only that, I had an idea for a game where fallen enemies leave behind visible loot in the middle of battle, and you can grab the loot in the middle of battle.
- Is it possible to make a single big enemy and you can attack different parts of its body, and each body part has its own attacks?
- Visible player sprites during battle? (Like Final Fantasy 1-6) Although this is probably asking too much, so nevermind. First person view should suffice for now and for most of the games I had intended to make. Not only that but, in a way, character portraits are actually better than sprites.