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What's Your Favorite Anime? Is it Okay to Ask This???

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[RMVX ACE] What's the best way to package a RM game download?

"This is more geared towards outsiders of the RM community. I want the simplest download possible for other people who aren't as savvy as us." I know. I believed the same thing at first. For me the idea that others are forced to download an RTP seemed completely counter intuitive to the idea of game making. It seemed as though you're not making a standalone game, but rather user-made content that only other savvy RPG maker players have access to. But I no longer think this. Now I see RTP as potentially a benefit.

I guess there's no way to predict what the downloader will prefer, and it's possible for some downloaders to have the opposite view. So I guess it's a judgment call. Personally I lean RTP. I love the idea of my RPG being a bite size download.

p.s. I actually shared a project with someone on two occasions, and he didn't have RTP but downloaded the RTP because of me. So I think I made the right choice. Not only did RTP not prevent him from trying my game, him having the RTP benefits both of us moving forward.

[RMVX ACE] What's the best way to package a RM game download?

When I first got RPG Maker I thought there would be *no way* I would ask people to download a second file just to play my game.

Over time however I decided that downloading the RTP separately really isn't that big of a deal. I think the advantages outweigh the cons:

- Including RTP makes my game seem bigger in filesize than it really is. (The game I made with the Lite version was over 100 MB, whereas with the full version it's only a few MB. Only a few MB!! I loved that)
- File hosting. It's more convenient to host as small a file as possible, since it allows me to upload quickly not to mention some sites have filesize caps. The RTP is readily available on other sites, so there's no need to host it myself.
- Including RTP assumes the game is 100% finished, will never be revised, and not being playtested. (it also assumes the downloader will never play another RPG Maker game, and that you will never go on to make another game)
- I've already shown demos of my work so far to someone, so that person has the RTP already at this point. And a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

[RMVX ACE] Steam sale / RPG set entirely in a castle

Any of the DLC I should pick up from the Steam sale? I have a few RPG ideas and keep going back and forth on which one to make first. But I think I finally decided. It's a game which takes place entirely in a castle. (it's actually not why I decided to go with this game... the fact it takes entirely in the same building is just a pleasant coincidence which will hopefully make things easier) It's not a castle per se but rather an academy that trains mages/alchemists. There will need to be dorms, throne room, kitchen, library, hallways, and secret underground ruins. For the most part I assume that castle interior tiles will work just fine. I just hope I can make each area look distinct.

Just wondering if there are any resources that I should pick up for such a game, or anything that isn't castle related but worth picking up anyway. There's some stuff I'm tempted to get, but definitely won't need until later RPG's. (e.g. sci fi tiles, sound effects)

[RMVX ACE] How to make items only usable by one character

My current workaround to this issue is having that character be the only one who can use items.

However, I had a game idea where you have 4 party members and each one has their own items. Preferably, each character's respective item menu should not display anyone else's items. So in a way the items are like skills/spells (i.e. specific to that user) except they have a limited number of uses. Like, rather than give a person a fire spell and a healing spell and X magic points, they just get a certain number of both spells.

Thoughts on RPG Maker MV?

Should I switch to MV? I just started using VX Ace again (after a hiatus that lasted since June) but I just found out MV was released.

I haven't made that much progress in my game, but it uses a lot of scripts. I assume that if I switch to MV I will have to give up all the scripts. So it's not worth it. I totally shouldn't switch.

Mind you, the only reason I wanted to switch to MV in the first place is that MV exports to platforms other than PC. But is it really worth switching for this reason? Does this feature even work that well? And when I think about, everyone has a PC anyway, so what difference does it really make.. I guess I'm just a self-hating PC user and liked the idea of MV in principle.

EDIT: Not only I use a lot of scripts but I've fiddled with some of them. By the sound of it this is a lot harder to do in MV.
EDIT: So if I make a game in MV, the filesize will be huge? That's not good..
EDIT: The system requirements for MV are higher. My PC probably can't run it. Nevermind then.

Design Your Nightmare!

I would always change the thing that held back the game the most. Telling me I can't make "major revisions" is rather vague. However I use such a criteria all the time when analyzing games and how I would have done better, but I define major revisions as anything as that would require much more development time/money/resources or something that is beyond the graphical capabilities of the system it was released on. Of course I'm not a programmer so it's rather callous of me to make such judgments at all, but I figure most of the time it's pretty obvious, and besides, gamers criticize devs all the time anyway.

Here's an example. When remaking any major FF I would remove the random encounters no matter what. I would not consider this a major revision in a technical sense, compared to lets say, converting FF7-9 to have 3d environments instead of 2D backdrops, which would be a major revision. Notice my personal view if an "efficient" revision as opposed to the latter "inefficient" revision. (functionally keeping the game similar despite pouring tons more work creating new environments) But this thread almost seems to suggest that removing random encounters would be a major revision simply because it is an aspect of the game I dislike. That's how this thread major revision. O.o Maybe a better definition would be removing anything that defines the game or sets it apart from other dogs. Trying to make every RPG you mean to fix more like your personal favorite RPG is arguably kind of a copout.

Anyway another interesting thing about this thread is that you didn't name names. No specific games are stated instead you refer to broad, groups like "grind heavy rpgs" but that's too vague for my tastes. I prefer to point out the more specific things wrong in games, and specific things to make them better. Saying "this is boring" and then suggest fixing it by saying "add more interesting elements" (oh of course, how did we not think of that) is kind of weaksauce imo.

Any character's death = game over

I had this idea for my game. Whenever a battle is finished, the event checks if anyone has less than 1 HP and if so, you return to the starting point.

I'm very compelled to use such a system and it seems simple enough to implement.

It's realistic too. Seems strange to have one party member drag around everybody's corpses while intentionally or unintentionally getting into more battles.

[Poll] To prompt or not to prompt?

So long as you let the player equip something immediately after getting it, that should be fine.

Bad is if:
- Getting equipment right after beating a major boss and not being able to equip it until 20 minutes of cutscenes later.
- Getting mutilple equips at a time. (So player has to remember to equip each one) Better to spread out the equips.

Small Steps Lead to Giant Progress: Advice for game making

Thanks, this is encouraging. I put my game on hiatus when I realized it won't be finished within any timeframe. It's hard to get motivated when I have to do it a little piece at a time, but I realized that's what I've gotta do.