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Slip into Ruby - Under the Hood part 14: Spritesets
In which we collect sprites together in neat little rows.
01/27/2017 02:55 PM
Slip into Ruby - Under the Hood part 13: I Battled a Timed Picture
In which Sprite_Battler, Sprite_Picture and Sprite_Timer go under the microscope.
01/23/2017 03:04 PM
Slip into Ruby - Under the Hood part 12: Rainbow Sprite
In which we crack open a cold can of Sprite_Base and finish it off with a Sprite_Character chaser.
01/22/2017 03:18 AM
Slip into Ruby - Under the Hood part 11: Do Nine Men Interpret(er)? Nine Men, I Nod.
We finally sift through the gooey innards that is VX Ace's Game_Interpreter class.
01/19/2017 01:03 AM
Introducing Component Cohesion/Coupling Digraphs
Covers the basic knowledge on Component Cohesion/Coupling Digraphs(Com Coh/Cou Digraph, same below)
06/25/2016 01:32 PM
Methods of Colliding a Sphere With a Plane
Two methods for colliding a plane and a sphere, as might be used in collision detection, with examples in JavaScript
05/19/2016 11:59 PM
Basic knowledge in concurrency with a centralized clock
Share my insights and views on concurrency
02/08/2016 02:01 PM
Slip into Ruby - Under the Hood part 10: It Has Character
A long-overdue breakdown of everything up to Game_Interpreter.
10/23/2015 04:08 PM
My Views On RMVXA Scripting Proficiency Levels
My general categorization as a mere reference based on my experiences and observations so far
08/26/2015 03:03 PM
Naive ideas on basic 2D collision detection with simple shapes
Shares an iditioic counterexample of implementing such algorithms lol
08/10/2015 03:48 PM
Basic knowledge to the default RMVXA battle flow implementations
Share my understandings to the default RMVXA battle flow implementations(only share basic stuffs here)
06/14/2015 05:23 AM
RMXP Anti-Patterns
Bad programming habits that you'll pick up from RMXP
06/14/2015 12:28 AM
Slip into Ruby - Under the Hood part 9: Map Map Map
05/14/2015 03:42 PM
Slip into Ruby - Under the Hood part 8: End of Battle
In which battlers are done now.
04/28/2015 02:00 PM
Slip into Ruby: Under the Hood part 7: Game_Actor
In which this class is way too long to look at anything else this week.
04/26/2015 12:35 PM
How to write an atb system script
Mainly targets those wanting to write an atb system script or understand how the existing ones work, or those just interested in the atb concept
04/25/2015 04:37 AM
Some ways to store RGSS3 code strings in notetags
Share the 2 such ways I know so far
04/25/2015 04:20 AM
Slip into Ruby: Under the Hood part 6: Battlers!
Battlers battlers battlers
04/16/2015 03:20 PM
Slip into Ruby: Under the Hood part 5: Game object cont.
In which we get into the exciting stuff.
04/15/2015 01:45 PM
Slip into Ruby - Under the Hood part 4: Game Objects cont.
In which I need to think of less verbose article titles.
04/09/2015 12:56 AM

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