Welp, I didn't accomplish my goal, only made half a dungeon. Ironically, I made some progress in my other game, I set up yanfly's skill learning system and rebalanced most of the skills as well as created passive skills to make skill learning a meaningful (and fun) choice. So yeah -partial- success. But it still counts as a failure: I procrastinated...by game making. :/

You've accomplished more than I have! I made most of one floor of an RTP dungeon--that's it, so far. I'll probably finish my generic-looking cave and create my town today (I'm assuming we have a full week from the moment of our announcements to do our goals.)
Goal Update: just finished my 4th goal (I replaced my old iconset with a new one).

New goal: review a game on RMN (goal number 8)!

1. Start sharing some of my music and some tracks from my games (I'll probably upload videos on YT and maybe Soundcloud. I'll probably make a topic for my music here at RMN too).
2. Kick back some life into my YT channel. How am I gonna' do that? Well, I'll upload some videos of course (mainly the music I mentioned and some gameplay videos showcasing the games I'm working on).
3. Finishing a certain quest for my current project.
4. Replace/update the iconset for my current project.

5. Give pixel art a shot; I just want to get started by getting something done. It might be a sprite, a tree, or just an icon.
6. Create a thread in the Creative Corner where I showcase some different maps, in hope of inspiring others.
7. If I get time, I'll try to upload a Mapping Concept video to my YT channel where I showcase some random maps.
8. Write a review.
I finished it! Battle system, as well as commentary on how it works. Yeah, I've never spoken in a video before, and I didn't want to, but the computer I was working on wouldn't let me separate game and mic volume, so I thought, eh, I'll throw in some commentary.

My bare bones battle system, the starting form.

Hope you guys like it. Goal 1 complete.

Now for my next goal: perhaps receiving feedback on where to go from here? I have some ideas, such as equip-able skills, but I'm curious what you all thing of it.
xoe, it's still possible to finish your goal.
just spend less time on everything.

s-seven hours??!?!
I did it. Enjoy a badly cropped screenshot:

The camera controls are still non-functional, the camera is hacked to that angle in that screenshot. But the heightmap is properly loaded and a model is correctly created and rendered of it.

Next goal: Fix the camera controls for the new drawing system.

There's a little more than simply upgrading to the new drawing API. Previously I was using pure angles to determine entity facing directions, but this meant a lot more calculations to get vector coordinates. And I almost always wanted it as a vector, anyway. But that part shouldn't be too difficult. The hard part will be remembering enough GLSL to properly set up the transformation matrices on the OpenGL 3/4 targets :/
Got any Dexreth amulets?
All right, I've updated the OP to reflect all the recent information. Good job everybody who accomplished their goal! And even if you haven't yet, remember that even if you started as early as June 10th, you still have today left to finish what you've started.

I noticed I never added your goal to the list since it was announced before the official start of the event, as you decided to start early. So I just treated it as if you had announced it on June 10th. That means you at least have the rest of today left. I'm not sure if that helps you in any way. But regardless, I feel bad about not giving you the Success, considering how much work you have apparently done. Maybe next time you want to choose a goal that's slightly smaller in scope?

Sure, no problem. Welcome to the Initiative, and welcome back to RMN!

Aw, that's too bad. Are you really sure you want to give up now? There's no shame in going for smaller goals, or choosing something from some of the categories you've mentioned above that you're busy with. Of course, I'll respect your decision, but I'm sad to lose you. Good luck with all your work!

I'll take a look at the video you posted and try to give you some feedback as soon as possible.

In case I missed a post by someone, or I made a mistake in the OP, please feel free to notify me. Managing this event is quite a bit of work, so I'm afraid little errors are bound to happen from time to time. Still, I'm pretty happy with how it's turning out so far. You're all doing great work!
Okay, first goal:
Redo the introduction of Love in Blue with actual text and see if I can't find a good size for the window to be big enough for an edited menu and message windows to be added.

Okay, so I've redone the introduction (with text!) and found a good window size. It's big enough for an edited menu (I didn't do that yet, but that wasn't on my list) and the message windows look okay. I even edited some faces... though I would have liked to have custom ones.

That's a success! :D

For this week coming:
- Plunge into starting the make the dungeon. This means coming up with a decent design, thinking about what kinds of puzzles could be implemented (come up with some hard ideas).
- Find a good menu script and see about making a start on getting that set-up.
RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
I continue to neglect this event, as per my initial objective plan.

Does that count for something? :P :P :P
I have made a reasonable demo for Bound + 2 scenes for D3 but I don't have access to computer right now to prove it. >.<

I will try to get to a computer ASAP!
This is heavily interesting. I have fallen victim as well. Been a YouTube Junky all week long and haven't even touched my project. Help me!
Goal 2 is finished. That was a harder one.

More (censored) evidence:

It's a blurry version of my dungeon maps put together.

Absolutely amazing progress on Ghostly Roses lately.

Goal 3 I must finish the second half of the dungeon, which includes all events, gameplay, graphics, and dialogue.
Got caught up with other stuff but I barely made it. I'll prolly review the colors at a later date, but for the time being this ought to do.

Next goal: Draw some charasets.
I did some additional work assigning music to chapter 5, as well as doing more work on chapter 4 since finishing my last goal. So:

Second week goal: Finish off the chapter 4 bios and cutscene summaries, and make the new music needed for Chapter 5 (Currently planned 3 new tracks).
I kind-of-sort-of completed my goal, but given that it was just generic RTP stuff I'm not going to post it, and have it count as incomplete.

New Goal: Get two new reviews approved (if time permits, I'll go for three.)
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Well, I finished my playtest for Illy a few days ago. I guess it'll be up to him to upload his game or confirm it.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Got any Dexreth amulets?
Well done, all of you! That's a lot of good progress I'm seeing here. Some of you are just speeding through this like mad. Give yourselves some applause!
Those of you who claimed to have completed their goals but could not provide evidence at the moment, I just assumed I could trust you and marked down your Successes anyway. You can post something when you have the chance, that's fine.

Sorry, I'm afraid that doesn't count. But you can still join, if you want. There's more than enough time left to get something done.

Sure, welcome! I've added you to the list of participants. Please make sure to read the rules in the first post, and let us know what your first goal is. Do you have anything in mind that you would like to get done within the next week?
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Good luck!

I'm sorry, but I have no idea what that image of yours is actually meant to show. I'm ready to believe you when you say you've made progress on your game - after all, why would you lie about that - and I'm glad to hear it's working out so well. But do consider showing something that gives me some kind of idea of what you've actually accomplished. Not wanting to spoil anything is fair enough, but being too secretive isn't really helpful either. I did count this as another Success for you, though.

I'm sorry, I don't understand your reasoning at all. From what it sounds like, you set a goal for yourself and achieved it - so why on earth would you then refuse to have it count as a Success? Using RTP is nothing to be ashamed of, and if you managed to overcome your procrastination and get something productive done, then I think that deserves to be recognised.
I'll accept your choice if you insist, of course, but please do reconsider.

Oh, and I finished the "stretch goal" I had set for myself and created the switch mechanics for Extinguished. It doesn't mean anything in terms of goals for this event, but here's some proof:

Well, making the DynBattleChoices plugin itself went smoothly enough...

...but it's a little hard to use due to the infamous unreliability of RT2K3's battle events. X) The next goal is to figure out if there's anything I can do to mitigate this problem, and then I'll have to finish the example project and readme file. I don't think I should commit to accomplishing any of that this week, though, I just got a new job offer and things are likely to be a bit hectic for me.

Still, goal 1 arguably complete.
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
Right after I declared my goal of starting/finishing the exterior of the Graveyard of Shadows, I started working on and testing some custom message boxes for my game so that I can remove the facesets. I also started experimenting with ways to make these things appear and whether or not to have them move across the screen to better emphasize who's talking. I've got a pretty solid system for that, but unfortunately that ate up my time to spend on the originally planned goal.

I did, however, write up some more stuff for the plans of the graveyard exterior, so I actually accomplished quite a bit this week, just not what I had originally planned. Can this instead be my goal #1 (Goal #1: Finalize Custom Message Displays) and replace it with goal #2 being to actually work on the exterior of the Graveyard of Shadows? That way I'm still in the event.

Variables #32 and #33 are set to a memorized event's X and Y position relative to the screen and the image appears at that location and expands to 100% into the bottom left corner before disappearing at the event's X and Y position using the Talk Box Out common event.