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There's a team event coming up and I need a little help to divide you all into groups~

The aim of the event is to make various resources based on a palette given to you at the start, however you will be divided into three teams.

What I need to know from those who are interested in joining is this:
Put in order, top to bottom, your best to worst skills as well as a short line of your abilities in each.

For example, for me:
Graphic - I can do pixels and UI pretty well, but not portraits and the like.
Script - I can fudge about with scripts a little in Ace, but I'm not great at it.
Sound - I can do VA, but that's about it.

So, I'm best at graphics, with script and sound kinda being equally bad in most areas. But if I were better at Scripts instead of the other two, I'd put it at the top.

How about you guys?

Graphics - I can make icons, tilesets and sprites. I am not great with facesets and have minimal skills with hand drawn.
Scripts - I cannot write scripts, I can read ruby and jss a little.
Sound - I could probably do VA, but I have no talent or understanding of music.

So I am pretty solid in graphics and equally rubbish on the other two.
Graphic - Pixel stuff. Not great.
Sound - I have a microphone and a deep manly voice.
Script - My nemesis. I've copy/pasted a few that's it.
Sound - I can compose music, and that's about it.
Graphics - N/A
Script - N/A
Script: I can make moderately complex systems quickly.
Graphics: I can sprite / tile a little, not good at portraits / painted style but make an attempt.
Sound: Kinda bad.
Graphics - I can do pixel art for portraits, tiles, characters and such. They tend to lean towards the simple side, but hey, it's something.
Scripts - Uhm... I've done edits here and there, does that count?
Sound - In case of an emergency I can throw together a shitty song, but it's far, FAR from being decent.
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I've been dreading a team game for a long while... but it's time I face my fears. Also I've had trouble giving the Sparknotes for my graphics skills. *sweatblob*

Graphics - Best skill. Smaller pixel art and sprites edits. Bigger pixel art can be drawn, scanned and pixeled over. Traditional artist with pencils (graphite and colored) and ink pens.

Sound - Untrained. Can attempt voice acting with or without tweaking it in-editor. Needs a crash course in song-making software.

Script - No skill. Anything programming-adjacent makes my head spin.
  • Graphics
When it comes to pixel art, I'm pretty good, but my regular art is kinda... meh

  • Music / Sound
I've made some music before, but it's not great. I've made some great tunes on occasion though. When it comes to sound, I've got a semi-deep voice and a decent mic to record it with. But I can't voice act worth a damn.

  • Scripts
I can do some basic stuff in RGSS1 but that's about it.
Graphic - Low-res pixel art with a somewhat cartoony style is my main mode. I do better with organically shaped things than mechanically shaped things. If you want me to work fast in pixels, 16x is my preferred base size. Please don't ask me to do autotiles, especially vxa/mv autotiles. Nonpixel style is quite messy, but generally looks pretty faster than pixel based, chibi styles preferred if I have to animate in nonpixel. Can also draw portraits and such with ink pen and color digitally.

Script - I can sorta bash my way through script editing (with ample assistance), but don't expect anything special. Mainly skilled in rgss1, can sorta figure out rgss3, absolute N O P E on JavaScript.

Sound - I will foley circles around you with my custom sound effects. Voice acting, never trained for it, don't expect much on that end unless it's wordless noises. Music, I can compose, but it may take a while without inspiration. I can do plain midi and loopable rendered ogg using my stash of soundfonts, most of which have samples from other games.
graphic - I can pixel, icons are my best, tiles second, characters/animations, then ui

script - I can offer like, limited isometric scripting for ruby stuff but I would need a refresher on ACE

sound - I haven't composed in a long time.
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Graphic: I can do just about anything for RPG Maker resources. I haven't tried doing animations yet, but that's it.

Music: I can do voice, that's it. No clue how to do anything else.


The TM is for Totally Magical.
Music: Yes. Music is definitely something I spend a lot of time making. Other types of sound: If you want sound effects, be aware that almost all of my sound effects are made by applying goofy filters to noises I make in a microphone and this is because I have way too much fun seeing how much I can distort random shouts, pops, whistles, and laughs. Voice Acting: only if I get to apply weird effects to my voice. Otherwise, my voice is too ordinary and I'm not really good at goofy voices. Unless it's literally Goofy; I do him passably.

Graphics: Pretty much anything 2D and pixelly.

Script: No. Not unless you want C# from an amateur.
Graphics: I've made a couple facesets, battlers, and title screens. I could probably try my hand at some simple tilesets and character graphics.
Sound: Uh, I could trek over to the library to do some voice work, I guess?
Script: Haha no.
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
Graphic - I can do everything except 3D (yet). Animations, effects, pixels, vectors, bitmaps, video, file conversion, publicity, gamepages, bleh and blah.

Script - I only know a bit of GML and plenty of CSS but other than that nope.

Sound - I do beautiful work when I care to. Music, editing, mastering, BGM, BGS, SE, ME, voice acting, monster sounds.
graphics: don't make me do this
script: I do c#/unity professionally. I could do js/mv really unprofessionally.
sound: horror/electronic composition
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Graphics: nothing fancy, I can do edits comfortably I think.
Sound: worst of the three for me.
Scripts: I'm good!
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Graphic - "I can do pixels and UI pretty well, but not portraits and the like."
Script - I can edit default scripts
Sound - no
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Scripts/Coding - I've somehow managed Unite attacks and made AcroMage in Ace. Both were pretty damn complex to do, if you ask me. However, I only have access to Ace on this point.

Graphics - I wouldn't trust myself to make something from scratch. I would certainly feel more comfortable with some kind of template to work off of to edit.

Sound - Do not rely on me for this. Like, the only thing I've done in this category is record my own voice for LPs, which I've only really done twice ever.

Overall - I'm best at coding, kinda okay-ish with graphics, and utter garbage at sound.
Graphic - Everything except 3D and animations. I made some pixel art, portraits, paintings, comics, etc.
Sound - I worked in a radio, and I hate my recorded voice! :P so N/A
Script - What is this? N/A
Script: I know how to search the AGS Help File. (And I kinda remember how AGS worked five years and a bunch of versions ago)
Graphics: I can take photographs of my legos and warhammer minis.
Sound: I can record my voice and know how to search through
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