Yet another FF topic...

Well? Let's hear it. And because this can mean several things to several different people...let's divide it up.

The Straight up BEST Final Fantasy according to Story
The Straight up BEST Final Fantasy according to Gameplay
6 or 12 for story
6, 5 or 12 (without gambits) for gameplay.
I've only played 6, 7 and X and out of those, for me, X had the strongest story and gameplay.
6 for story, and...6 for gameplay.
Final Fantasy 9 for characters. (Best overall cast, NPC and Playable)
Final Fantasy Tactics for game play. Any of them really. Advance included, I loved every aspect of it.
Can't say I've ever loved a FF storyline, but out of them, Final Fantasy 8.
I do like a lot of the locations and the music in Final Fantasy 7 too. But that's mostly nostalgia talking.
tactics. topic over. lock the topic.

No, but you really should have said 'favourite', seeing as it's all personal taste (although tbh I don't know who thinks, say, III has the best story, but you know what I mean!). Saying BEST is only going to get tensions high!
you heard it here first folks there are no standards everybody's views hold merit
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
VI, XII, or X for story.
VI is well, VI. You can't go wrong there.
XII is Star Wars in the Medieval Western Middle East with pirates in pink pants. And politics that are actually interesting.
X has so many people manipulating each other it's insane. Name one important character in that game who isn't manipulated by someone at some point. Hell, even O'aka gets yanked around, by the player!

I, V, IX, X, X-2, XII, FFTA, or FFCC for gameplay.
I is so stupid hard it's stupid. And this is from the guy who pulled of a solo thief.
V is Job class after Job class after Job class, as far as the eye can see. And they're balanced.
IX keeps enemy health low and cracks their damage output up to eleven, resulting in extremely fast battles that go back and forth rapidly.
X's CTB is a finely-tuned beast for strategic combat. Too bad it's never really used properly in the main story - the Monster Arena is where this really shines.
X-2's ATB is really fast. Stupid fast. You don't mind random encounters at all because each one takes about 0.2 seconds to complete.
XII is almost like a card game, because setting up Gambits is almost like deckbuilding. And do you really want to cast Cure after battle manually?
FFTA is spoiled by stupid enemy AI that always attacks Paladin-Ninjas with Strikeback, but between classes, sub-classes, support/reaction abilities, and equipment, the customization is unmatched. And classes themselves don't break the game like in FFT - combination of classes do. Assassins? Low defense and HP. Sniper/Assassins with Conceal? Bring me my brown pants.
FFCC has absolutely great multiplayer that shoots itself in the foot with one design choice. Who, honestly, has four GBAs and four of those connector dongles other than me and the boys?

I'd consider Dissidia if it was available for purchase in English yet.
I forgot all about Chronicles! It has my favourite OST ever!
It's like toothpicks against a tank
I think my favorite FF storyline-wise was definitely FF IV. It had a badass main character (Dark Knight turned Paladin! What now bitches) as opposed to pussy ass, wuss protagonist in FF X with an even worst cast of "colorful" characters... Man Tidus was such a faggle. Plus FF IV had people dying left and right, and come back to life to kick major ass.

FF5 Classes were a welcome change.
FF6 was dope. Badass cast of characters.
FF7 had the best gameplay. I must have spent like 150+ hours on that game.
FF8 would have been good if it wasn't for random things that didn't make sense.
FF9 was awesome. I love the art style and classic look to it, plus the storyline was pretty good.
FFX I could not stand to play it just because of Tidus... what a faggle!
FF XII Didn't get to into it dragged on with no progressand because the main character dressed like a girl and ... but at least he didn't act like one (*cough Tidus).
stop bein a buncha pussies! No 'favorite' shit here, we're going to figure out the BEST ONE. KEEP YER SISSY "SUBJECTIVE OPINIONS" AT THE DOOR.

that being said, final fantasy tactics IS the best.

but i have a feelings we're supposed to be duking it out between the games in the main series (the numbered ones, no silly surnames). In that case, I'm saying FINAL FANTASY 6.
Best story and best gameplay goes to tactics.

If you only include the numerical games (or whatever), then VI wins both. X comes close for gameplay though.

6 for story, and...6 for gameplay.

I'd have to agree with this.
Also, I really like 1 & 2...but I can't really name why.
But yeah. 6 owns majorly.
VI for story, TA2 for gameplay.
Tactics for the best mix of the two.
Mystic Quest Legend. Seriously.

Okay, not seriously.

dear canuck:

you're gay if you think FFX had the best gameplay. there I said it.
though, I will say I think I like the battle system in X more than any other FF. the dungeons were just so laaaame.

ps. sorry for calling you gay.
pps. sorry if you are actually gay and i made an ignorant derogatory insult out of your sexual preference.