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This is the new alpha 6 build of Ciel Fledge, you can see what have beed added and modified in the changelogs below.


========= 9 September 2018 =================
- Fixed several bugs.
- Item and Equipment Menu are not locked at the start anymore. Preventing stuck in the first sick event.

========= 8 September 2018 =================
- Fixed several bugs.
- Tutorials have been overhauled.
- Each Activity now have their own unique Battles.
- Partial Voice Acting for your daughter and important NPCs have been implemented.
- More story cutscenes have been added.
- The prologue of the game has been overhauled.
- Lower City has been expanded.

========= 8 April 2018 ======================
- Fixed several bugs.
- Overhauled several Backgrounds.
- Added a gauge to indicate the time left to transition into afternoon in Week Progress.
- Stamina does not fully recover after each start of the week anymore.
- Traits have been added.
- Encounters without any Battle will be automatically Accepted.
- Encounters with Battles retain the choice of Accept and Skip.
- Skip in Encounter will not give any penalty.
- Accept in Encounter will consume Stamina.
- Added a notification when Stamina reaches 0.
- Improved some cutscenes.

========= 21 February 2018 ==================
- Fixed several bugs
- Several Traits have been added, although there is no interface to view available ones yet.
- Demo time has been extended to Year 2 Month 4 Week 2. This includes new cutscenes.
- Several background and visual overhaul
- Calendar has been added in the Pause menu.
- Holidays have been implemented, where the Activity within that day will be forced into Rest.

========= 15 January 2018 ===================
- Max Stamina now is factored with other Main Stats, not exclusively dependent on Strength.
- Fixed several bugs.

========= 05 January 2018 ===================
- Spoil will now cost 500 Money by the start of the Week Progress. This Player Schedule will not be usable if the money is insufficient.
- New Option: Encounter Interaction Time-Out has been added. This sets the command that will be chosen if you let the Encounter to wait for too long.
- Schedule interface has been revamped.
- Several illustrations has been replaced including Room backgrounds.
- Spoil now will decrease Stress by 10 for each passing day, but Discipline will decrease by 5 for each passing day as well.
- Skipping Encounters will decrease the Friendship of the NPCs participating within that Encounter.
- Skipping Encounters will increase Discipline, but only if there is any NPC to Skip.
- Skipping Encounters will increase Stress, regardless.
- Result screen now show how many points the corresponding stat has been raised.
- Fixed several bugs.

========= 07 October 2017 ===================
- Changed the default for Confirm to use A Xbox 360 Button.
- Fixed several bugs.
- Message Auto function has been fixed.
- New Option: Room Camera Movement has been added. This toggles the capability have the camera in the main room to move with your mouse or not.
- Mood functionality had been revamped: Now they increase the stats gained consistently instead of doubling them with a random chance.

========= 28 September 2017 ===================
- Fullscreen freeze period at the start has been reduced.
- Tutorial has been expanded to explain the Schedule Slots.
- Schedule Slots has been added. Now you can save multiple setups for Schedules.
- Updated the musics.

========= 25 September 2017 ===================
- Several text adjustments for cutscene dialogues
- Added a Skip choice for tutorial scenes.
- Pause now defaults to Esc Button for the keyboard.
- VSync now defaults to On.
- Schedules can now have 3 slots to save on.
- Button Configuration can be accessed with Mouse click.
- Schedule now doesn't automatically open when accessed with keyboard or controllers.
- Fixed several graphical glitches.
- Fixed encounter rates for Activities.

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