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Developed by Iylo-tech, TARANA is a state-of-the-art holographic A.I. Assistant. Capable of managing your entire household from friendly reminders all the way to medical assistance. Here are some of the many features TARANA provides:

At-Home Fitness Instructor. TARANA will lead you and your family to peak physical prowess by developing a daily diet plan, instructor-led exercise routines and help track your overall fitness health.

Learn, Evolve and Grow. Over 10,000 tutorials, documentaries, and classes will help you understand cooking, history, mathematics, science, and other skills via TARANA's in-depth courses. Detailed explanations and holographic examples will gain you a better understanding of the topic you choose.

Preventative Healthcare Assistance. TARANA can be linked directly to your synthetic Life Monitor. Via the signals delivered periodically, she'll be able to advise you to consult a physician for preventative care regarding a developing disease or call medical personnel immediately before a life-threatening incident even occurs.

And More! Music, weather, jokes, and reminders are many of the other popular features your TARANA will provide. Want fast responses? She'll answer your questions quickly. Are you looking for a friend? Her replies will be more sincere and conversational. TARANA will adapt to your voice tone and what you say to her to determine the personality she has. She is the future of A.I. Assistance. Congratulations on taking this first step!

7 Days of Lore:

Before you go...

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