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more fanart! also 10,000+ dls jesus christ

i'm really pushing it by now huh but i thought this pic by SirRailgun on deviantart owned

in other news the gamejolt page for space funeral has 10000+ downloads! i dont even know

so this blog isnt a complete waste i'm gonna talk a lil here about probably the biggest influence on this game, which was Gary Panter's "Jimbo In Purgatory" comic book. it's basically this berserk mashup of the entire western literary canon into an apparantly crude comicbook filled with robots and cartoon dogs. alice cooper and the evil robot from westworld both show up to declaim lines pulled from boccaccio's "decameron" and the text is entirely composed of lines sampled from other works, ranging from beatles songs to medieval poems to finnegans wake to what sounds like an imdb review. It's structured around Dante's Divine Comedy but what it's really about is the idea that there's this continuous dialogue going on through centuries of writing; people responding to or fighting against or quoting or misquoting or parodying each other in a lineage that goes from dante to boccaccio to chaucer and right through to james joyce and ezra pound in this huge bawdy cacophonous argument stretching across centuries. It's very funny and deeply bizarre and weirdly moving, and a lot of the mood in space funeral was very influenced by the strange rhythms and sense of discovery and unexpected linkage of this excellent book. the use of quotation and reference was something i thought was weirdly fitting for an RPG Maker game too with all the focus on rips etc, and proved to me that even when you were doing that stuff you didn't have to be tedious and dogmatic about it; if you pushed it far enough then it could become kaleidoscopic and exciting again, sort of like sampling in hiphop. the visual style of the book was also a big impact; a lot of gary panters work is based on the strangeness and grotesqueness of uh popculture characters. most of the book consisted of very stiff people moving up or down while keeping the exact same pose, which is (one of!) the reasons why there wasn't more animation in this game.

basically this was just a gary panter fangame all along lol so much for your 'originality' chumps *tosses dollars over shoulder, speeds away on vespa*


fanart!! interview!! bubsy....

there's an interview up with me on the excellent "hardydev" site http://hardydev.com/2011/01/16/interview-with-thecatamites-space-funeral/. see if you can guess the point where i started drinking while writing my answers. it also has some pics of my unreleased games (never forget...). there is also a filtered picture of me with a strange figure lurking in the background... who is this strange figure.... is this the "zapruder film" of games...

also deviantart users Setzeri and Momogirl have drawn up some amazing space funeral fanart! check it out



"keep playing those games.."

EDIT: also! if you are wondering about this mysterious "bubsy" game mentioned in the interview, hrmm hrm what is this mysterious game... why is it not on this site... the answer is that it was a game made in a week for an Experimental Gameplay Project. it is very crude and ridiculous but it is still an attempt to mess around with an actual game mechanic (the horror..) in a way i hadnt done before or since and some people have liked it. in the spirit of giving i present: Bubsy The Bobcat In 'Rip Van Bubsy' Starring Bubsy


The GOTYsberg Address

You must all be pretty sick of these blogs by now but I just wanted to make that joke! Also Space Funeral has been picked as one of the 20 Best Games Of 2010 by Paste Magazine http://www.pastemagazine.com/blogs/lists/2010/12/the-20-best-videogames-of-2010.html. It is pretty insane to see these ridiculous MSPaint bloodstains on the same page as games like Mass Effect 2 and Splinter Cell, as well as smaller (but perfectly formed!) titles like Deadly Premonition, Minecraft and VVVVVV.


6000+ downloads and links roundup. today i am become death

It is winter. I am old. Moll sits in the corner with her knitting. I have no such luxury, withered hands long crippled by scripting-induced arthritis. My legs will not support me, my breath comes in harsh choking sobs like the pumping of some old bellows nearly rusted shut. I sustain myself solely on distant memories of past glories, much as a dying planet is briefly warmed by the faint glow of long-extinguished stars. I must take stock of my possessions. No, not yet. First the links. Yes. I will build a pharaonic tomb in the deserts of my soul, that I may lie there and rest at last.

The GameJolt page for Space Funeral reached 6140 downloads at last count! There are also some good comments on the game by cool guys like J. Chastain of the "Monster Killers" webcomic http://monsterkillers.com/ and indie developer Cactus Squid http://cactusquid.com/!

Rock Paper Shotgun mentioned the game here and recently wrote a very nice article about it for their christmas pc game roundup here.

Wouldn’t it be nicer to live in a world where games don’t shy away from being as stupid, offensive, smart or strange as they please, and then go racing towards their target audience like hungry sharks?

The excellent Play This Thing! site wrote an article here where the author claimed the game got him into James Joyce and Les Rallizes Denudes. Better living through chipsets!

The TIGdb indie game database has an entry along with some very nice reviews which you can find here.

Colony Of Gamers wrote a good article for their 'Free & Worth Every Penny' column here

ANIMALBOOGY posted about it here and also drew some excellent fanart:

Softpedia.com added all of my games here. I really like the descriptions, expecially the one for Veggie Tales 3D: "Enjoy an interesting hand-drawn RPG about the American Dream." hell yeahhhh

The Onion Nights blog wrote a very good article which you can find here.

And 1up.com spent a segment of the at1Up podcast here talking about Space Funeral, or "Space. Motherfucking. Funeral" as it is called here. The segment starts at 10.35 but the whole podcast is worth listening to.


1up.com feature and let's tries!

The videogame website 1up.com did a thing on Space Funeral! Their findings were that it induced sudden and uncontrollable defecation but in a good way (citation needed)

Also rpgmaker.net forum superstars YellowMagic and YDS have been doing some cool Let's Try videos which you can find in their forum topics here and here respectively. Also someone on youtube called ShutUpSoli (not an rmner as far as i know?? solitayre is this you. dont be shy) has started a Let's Play of the game which you can see here, it just has occasional annotations and not audio commentary so it's good for those of you who want the . . . Unfiltered Truth . . .

To prevent this blog from slipping further into awful egostroking stuff (is. . . is this possible . . . ? . . . in these . . . these strange times . . .the athens of the west aaaa sorry sorry) here is a really excellent video of some old Commodore 64 game that Ramci from GW showed me. It is basically GAME OF MY DREAMS BUT BETTER and you should probably track it down and start playing immediately! asdafas why didnt anyone tell me about this sooner


indiegames.com freeware pick

Thanks to Corfaisus (pronounced curvaceous??) for pointing this out! Space Funeral got posted on the IndieGames.com weblog here: http://www.indiegames.com/blog/2010/09/freeware_game_pick_space_funer.html. They also refer to me by my real name which freaked me for a moment!! This paranoid post-9/11 world . . .

Also here is one of the two charsets used in this game. You can see Many Interesting Examples Of Space Funeral Citizenry. Three of these are actually other people's characters (GUESS WHICH HEH (doesn't count if you've already seen the credits!)) and two of them were never actually used ingame because they are awful.

Thanks for reading this blog!!! Please play and give me your thoughts!! I am willing to debase myself for crits and reviews!!


download up!!!

upload down AHAHAAHAHAHA help ive been maimed by a shoggoth. The download is up and the game is finished, please play + give me crits and thoughts! I hunger for crits and thoughts. I'll write a post later on this maybe but I like this game and want to hear crits and thoughts!! where are the snowboard kids of yesteryear asdasfsdf

edit: gamejolt is acting weird so i replaced it with a mediafire link


finished hopefully?? download up soon (again hopefully)

I've finished working out all the battle stuff and have sent the whole thing to Pokemaniac to be testrunned so with any luck it won't fall apart once someone presses the wrong button or whatever. But otherwise this will hopefully be available soon!! It's short enough I guess and I deliberately left the battles quite easy for people who don't care about battles (me) but hopefully they're not completely boring either.

I actually enjoyed working with RM2k3 a lot (adopts sepulchural tones of withered CEO semienthusiastically summarising past fiscal year for bored stockholders) although I don't think I'd use it again! Like at best it's pretty fucking fun to mess around with chipsets etc and be able to build a lot of different places fairly quickly and uh generally design stuff in a much looser way than adventure games where every person and location means a bunch of work and should serve some plot purpose etc. So it was pretty fun to make places and explore them and do it all so fucking quickly. It'sgenerally pretty awful when people talk about the best and worst parts of their own games especially in a worthless blog post but I think the parts of this that I like the most are the ones where I could just play around with new ideas and sometimes found something that worked surprisingly well.
On the other hand: the battle system sucks dick jesus christ. Like I guess it's pretty inevitable that the simplified style of the rest of the engine wouldn't work that well for NUMBERCRUNCH or whatever but I still hated it a lot. IDK it's maybe because I don't like the basic turnbased battle system too much anyway or maybe I had unrealistic ideas to begin with (probably the latter) but working with it was a uh pretty constant procedure of thinking about potentially neat ideas and finding it couldn't do them at all. I dunno I guess it's okay for what it is but even some extra switch or message options attached to skills and conditions or things or like a handful of extra options for Conditional Branches felt like p basic concepts which were arbitrarily missing like the idea of scrolling levels in Klik N Play. Also just in terms of battle flow and presentation as well as having to adapt to the default algorithms rather than vice versa. Bitch bitch bitch but I don't wanna use it again.

But yeah basically I stand by my earlier idea that the basic use of the engine was to make the videogame equivalent of those comics you draw as a five-year-old about skeletons fighting batman or something or just play around with fun concepts (like even a generic rtp game doesnt have to be about EPICHERO all the time). Like in terms of the uh flow of the engine (at risk of sounding like some awful newage guy) I think it was a lot more predicated towards speeeeeeed and rawness than any of the other engines I've tried, even if the battle system is by necessity kind of unwieldy.


Finished plot stuff, working on battles

I've finished off the uh main plot I guess in that all the rooms dialogue cutscenes puzzles etc have been completed. It's a short enough game I guess but I like it and have done all I wanted to with it so anything else would just be padding. I'll try to postmortem it after putting up a download (after the honeymoon.......) Now I'm going back over it to mess with the battles and items and stats and things. Splitting stuff up like this is a bad way of doing things I know but I couldn't concentrate on anything when I was trying to do it all at once and idk I'd like to have the battles at least be playable and not just toss arbitrary default numbers at player and let grinding take up the slack heh keep the change kid. I should be finished with this thing within the next few weeks, I guess, or whenever I get all that stuff to be at least playable enough that the game isn't just a walking simulator (as opposed to just mostly being a walking simulator).

Also I hate demos but bearing in mind the horrible RTP "system2c not found" stuff and other issues like walking speed or whatever that you people seem to care about (I'm an awful judge of this in my own games, cf. Biggles On Mars) I might need someone without RTP installed to give it a test run or something. Whatever I'll write a blog entry for it.

The list of enemies in the game (excluding final boss) is as follows:

- Skull Crab
- Spooky Arm
- Deadly Swamptrogg
- Blood Wolf
- Earth Shark
- Blood Ghoul
- Desert Ghoul
- Criminal
- Rip-The-Blood
- Vengeful Ghost
- 20th Century Boy
- Ice Frog
- Mome Beast

I might mess around with this when balancing etc but this is what I've done charsets for or whatever so.



Hey look an RPG Maker game. Basically I've been toying with the idea of making one for a while now, if only because I spent enough time bitching about how people were using the program wrong by obsessing over polish and meaningless technical features instead of just using the generic and easy to use program mechanics as a base for toying with ideas and imagination that I got the urge to make something myself out of basically pure spite (possibly one of the best reasons to make a game, incidentally, along with "revenge" and "neighbour's dog told me to").

Basically I think it's a program inherently biased towards the incompetent and ephemeral and I have zero problem with that! The idea of throwing together a game made of whatever ideas are nagging at you and whatever scribbles you think are funny and soundtracking it with whatever you're listening to at the time is a deeply romantic one imo, a kind of bargain-bin variant of the old utopian idea that given infinite resources and opportunity people are gonna be infinitely creative. Or just the idea of following through with your own obsessions as haphazardly as possible and seeing what comes up in the margins. I guess you could refer to it as "Termite Art" or "Glorious Trainwrecks" or even "Scratchware" but it's really just to do with how much fun it is to just fuck around and throw something together and see what happens, and I kinda think it's something that gets lost between lighting overlays and design documents and boring anime characters telling each other how they feeeeeeeeel~.

I guess what I'm saying is

and leave you with these excellent bootleg game videos to instill the correct dialectical spirit.

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