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Blog 35: A new RPG Maker RPG (Japanese) to introduce & Seraphic Blue-related Video

Hey everyone!

Today's blog is going to be a long one. The first thing is that I would like to share with you a recent Japanese RPG Maker RPG that I've recently played, and all I can say is, I'm duly impressed. This game is called 帽子世界: A Little World, where 帽子世界 literally translates as "Hat World". Why am I impressed by this game? Watch the video below and you will know why :)

First of all, you may or may not believe this, but this game was created in RPG Maker VX. Yes, RPG Maker VX. Pretty impressive, isn't it? And the game was created by Enu from RPG Tankentai and released in January 2013. Yes, the names "Enu" and "RPG Tankentai" may actually ring a bell to some people, especially RPG Maker VX/VX Ace scripters since they and Enu are the ones who came up with the side view battle system script in VX. But scripts are not their only forte. Games as well. And 帽子世界/Hat World is by far their most successful game.

So, to summarize what this game is about, it's about a universe comprising of many worlds (such as World of Time, World of Dreams and World of Toys) that are governed by Keepers who wear hats (hence the name 帽子世界/Hat World). You can choose to play as one of 6 heroines who are 6 of the Top 10 Keepers, whose main goal is to collect the hats of the other 5 Keepers for a purpose unknown to players until later in the game. Along the way, the heroine will chance upon a Japanese high school student named Youko who somehow ended up in this universe of Hat World.

The real gem of this game, though, is how fun the battle system is, how fun it is to customize gems for skills, weapons and armors, and how great the graphics are (maps, portraits, sprites etc). The battle system, in particular, revolves around a combo system that determines how you deal damage (as you see in the above video).

I happened to stumble upon this game as I was researching on other notable Japanese RPG Maker RPGs, and have recently finished the game. All I can say is, awesome. Well, I wasn't exactly impressed by the story of this game, but the gameplay and graphics more than make up for it. And this game is so fun that it has also been translated to Chinese. So, if you don't mind the Japanese and you wish to play this game now, click on this link: http://rpgex.sakura.ne.jp/littleworld/download.html
Or if you can understand traditional/simplified Chinese, head down to this link: http://stkstudio.net/works/littleworld/#!dl

Having said all that, since I am an unofficial game translator, you would think I would get on to translating this game. In fact, I actually thought of translating this game first before Nocturne: Rebirth since this game lasts about 15 hours or so (shorter than Nocturne: Rebirth), but then I read from Enu's blogs that she is currently creating a revamp of the game, so I suppose it would be better that I translate the revamp instead (after playing it first, of course). Hence, I will translate Nocturne: Rebirth first. Hopefully by the time I finish translating Nocturne: Rebirth, the revamp will be available for me to play and translate :p

Speaking of Nocturne: Rebirth, I will officially begin translating Nocturne: Rebirth soon. But I probably won't release a game page for it on RMN until I have substantial content translated to be put up.

As for Seraphic Blue-related stuff, well, now that the Let's Play of Seraphic Blue videos have all been uploaded for all to view, I would like to share with you a Japanese fan-made trailer or opening (with slight spoilers) of Seraphic Blue:

There are also more videos made by this same person, including a video that would make a perfect ending video for an anime episode (if only Seraphic Blue was an anime haha), but they weren't released on YouTube. If I have time, I may bring some of those videos from NicoVideo to YouTube.

So, that's it from me, then. Until next time!



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Hat World looks pretty neat! I might try the Chinese version to practice the language (since I definitely need a refresher...)

On the note of Japanese RPG Maker games, I've been playing a couple of neat ones that have just been translated into English--Helen's Mysterious Castle (a really fantastic short game about exploration and battling, also adorable) and Capella's Promise (which was translated by vgperson who also did Ib, etc.) I think you'd dig Capella's Promise in particular, it's a big (20+ hours!) game w/ lots of unusual mechanics (synthesizing classes w/ a plot-relevant item, enemies all drop randomly generated loot, lots of flexibility in learning skills...) There are a lot of promising RPG Maker games made in English, but looking at some of the crop that's been brought over recently from Japan it's refreshing that so many of them put real thought into their inner workings rather than blindly emulating SNES classics (keeping in mind some of those projects do that REALLY WELL.)

Either way, thanks for translating all 50+ hours of Seraphic Blue and bringing more cool projects like Hat World to my attention I guess! Makes me want to go learn Japanese, even if the language is tough as hell for an English speaker
I tried a little bit of Hat World. It's pretty neat! Didn't get very far since I can't read though, but it's very inspiring.
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