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Setting up Lunar Wish so it's ready to play is really simple. If you are familiar with RPG maker, you probably don't need to read this.

Step 1
Download and install WinRAR. I'd be surprised if you haven't already. For most, this program is an essential. It's needed to extract the game from the Zip file that it's compressed in.
Download it from Here
(Ignore how it says trial, the program is practically free forever - mwahahaha)

If you are running V1.05, YOU'RE DONE! Simply extract the game and play it! No need for Steps 2 and beyond!
Step 2
Download and install the RPG maker VX RTP. This is a must as the game itself does not include this, but requires the RTP in order to run.
Download the VX RTP from Here.

It is the RPG maker VX RTP that needs to be download and installed, not the VX Ace or XP one.

Step 3
Now simply download the game if you haven't already. WinRAR will allow you to extract the game like so:

(Right click the file and click 'Extract to Lunar Wish - Orbs of Fate'.
Wait for the extraction process to be complete; it should only take around a few seconds).

Step 4
Enjoy the game by running it through this icon!

Have fun!

If you have any difficulty installing the game, please do ask! I'd be happy to help.


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Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Another very good option for opening RAR files is 7-zip.
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