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Prologue (Past)

Serathium… the fabled land of legends… home to Angels, Beasts and Vampires, and most importantly, the Heart, Spirit and Soul of Existence itself. The Lunar Orb.

The Lunar Orb is an integral part of all life which thrives on this planet. Ingrained onto the face of the harsh red earth at the beginning of time, The Orb proved to be the source of the beauty and vitality which is instilled in the natural world. The fertile soil gave way to abundant plants and creatures who lived in peace with the Orb and its surroundings. The land of Serathium became synonymous with the golden era of concordance and tranquillity and the delicate balance of the forces of nature meant that life in Serathium was like living in the Garden of Eden itself… until that one fateful day.

The Orb changed without warning and led the land of Serathium into an era of chaos and mass destruction. No one, not even the heralded Angels of Serathium knew what to do in this terrifying situation. Apart from one.

A young Angel known as Fate emerged from the impeding darkness and attempted to restore harmony to the land using an ancient technique known as The Sending. But her efforts to calm the Orb down were for naught, as her brave, yet reckless attempt to rescue Serathium results in her being sealed away for an innumerable number of years – possibly for the rest of all time.

The people of Serathium could only watch as The Lunar Orb started to lose control and the very foundations of the universe itself begin to crumble around them. The destruction gave way to an event which no one in the history of time itself could have foreseen: The Rebellion of Serathium.

Present Day

A thousand years after the events in Serathium, the chaos and madness of the Lunar Orb is nothing but a myth – a story intended to amuse small children when they got restless of life and demanded fantastical stories of the unknown from their parents. For the people of The Isle, life went on much like a dog chasing its tail: in repetitive and tedious circles, not particularly going anywhere but with that element of content – the comfort of the familiar.
Around the time of the destruction of the Lunar Orb, four other Orbs appeared surreptitiously on the fabric of existence in various points outside of Serathium, ingraining themselves into the earth much like how the Lunar Orb originally came into existence. The purpose of these Orbs were and still is a mystery, although humans, curious as to what powers these artifacts could hold, sealed them off and protected them fiercely from any potential harm which may come to them. They are the Blue Orb, the Green Orb, the Purple Orb and the Red Orb.
They say that time heals all wounds, yet a thousand years later, the fabled land of Serathium is still struggling to recover from its ordeal. The humans on The Isle live without any knowledge of the history and the suffering of this land, which exists parallel to their world, not yet releasing the pain, suffering and destruction which is soon to come…
The story begins with a young boy named Falk who is a student at the Applon Academy, which is one of two Academies on The Isle. The gifted and talented of the children gain the privilege of attending Pow Academy, while the others attend Applon. One day he encounters a highly mysterious and seemingly malevolent voice in his room which informs him that someone close to him will disappear – someone who he spent his childhood with participating in activities such as beating each other up, bunking class and pushing bunnies into water. Nostalgic and fond these memories may be, Falk is concerned about nothing but his own “destiny”, which he believes is being conveyed to him through this voice, inferring a lifetime of living out his fantasy of being a hero like he always dreamed.
But the life of a girl is at stake, and in a whirlpool of conceit and pretentiousness and raging passion and emotions, can the students of Applon Academy find it within themselves to work together and carry out their actions as written in the book of fate? Only time will tell as your journey begins…