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The world of "The Azure" is consisted of seven known guilds, namely: Crimsondusk, Azuredawn, Maizenoon, Lilacnight, Slategale, Perzechrome, and Fallowithe. Each guild has its own society and culture, and each has its own distinct beliefs and policies. For almost 100 years, the world, or the cosmos, is dominated by the Slategale guild and was first lead by King Erielophim. During that time period, Slategale's main policy is "Justice For All", but it seemed to not be recognized by the other guilds because small-scaled propaganda movements were still occurring. However, there was a significant decrease of crime cases during the period. In Slategale's tradition, if ever the current ruling king dies, the ruling guild must conduct a competition 'fair for everyone' throughout the cosmos. "There must be option for all", it says.

Slategale conducted a competition called the "Grand Battle", in which representatives from each guild can compete for guild dominance. But since Slategale had most of the power for over a century, the representatives from their guild became "too skillful" and "too lucky" for other representatives, thus making their representatives the eventual winner of the competition. It has been a winning tradition for Slategale.

NOW, that time has come once more.

With the demise of King Erielophim III, the title "King of all Kings" is now up for grabs!
The 7 guilds must send their representatives to the Grand Battle and compete for conquest and kinship!

To the representatives of Crimsondusk, Azuredawn, Maizenoon, Lilacnight, Slategale, Perzechome, and Fallowithe:
May the most worthy and the LUCKIEST win!

-A new rad board game iso system crossed-over with RPG elements never seen before in VX!
-Unique isometric graphics style rarely used in RMVX games! Original franken portraits and sprites!
-Overly-ambitious game play! Great potential to be a phenomenal game~!
-Play up to 5 original playable characters! Every character has a story arc!
-Select your character with the awesome Character Selection screen!
-Play and compete with 3 other AI players!
-Animation Battle! 50+ custom-made animations for characters!
-And more...

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Konpeki! Cosmic Drama! is just a game I recently made, and it took me about 2 weeks to finish the system with a stage, plus graphics that are not pre-made. This includes the tiles, sprites, faces, and portraits. No kidding.

I started this game first by thinking of a concept that is never seen before in VX. I first thought that graphics could make things original, so I looked at Clarabel's Isometric tileset edited and gave it a shot, even though it lacks support.

Then, I started to find a animated battle system is which is simple to edit. I thought Melody is too complex and is too tedious to work with, So I decided to use Behemoth's CBS, which features animated battlers with wait gauge.

Now with those scripts as basis are intact, I carried out my idea. I made the board game via events and event scripting, and I had lots of problem dealing with the AI!

After finishing the demo, I found out a faster way to work with platforms, so hopefully I can finish more stages.

As we speak, I'm doing a new tileset for the isometric tileset editor, so I would not be able to work on other stuffs like balancing or like fixing some errors, until I finish it. I'm also doing a tutorial for GIMP users~

I also recently made my first completed script! (Just yesterday)
With the experience I had working on Konpeki, I'm glad I could pull some scripts from my sleeves at last.

The script is called: Auto Battle when Idle, where the party attacks automatically in battle when the player is not moving or selecting.
Please try it out: http://pastebin.com/mJ8r2N9j

I would like to hear from you! I'm just one person and for a party game like Konpeki, I would also need a party for developing the game.

I would like to thank all those who have played the game in advance!
Just clicking that download and reply button makes me really proud. ;3

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  • 11/03/2011 06:02 AM
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I like the idea~ And you got a subscriber :3
Thank you, Archeia! ;3
I'm putting the download link later.

edit: temp. DL link is up!
Man, this game looks so great. And by "look" i mean not only the graphics, which are very neat and charming without being eye-hurting colorful, but also pretty nice music witch, although a bit repetitive, doesn't get annoying. I like the characters, i like humor (the game doesn't take itself too seriously, while not "trying too hard to be funny"), the thing with the guilds looks promising.

... Too bad the gameplay sucks.
1. It's too repetitive: it's mostly the same thing over and over, and when i looked at the timer thinking "geez, how long it's going to take" it wasn't even at half.
2. It's entirely based on luck. I know it's a board game with dice, but even Monopoly have more strategy to it, with whole trading/borrowing/building. Right now it's about as boring as snakes and ladders.
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
Ohh my god. This game is awesome.
solos collectors on purpose
Cute game. I like your RTP edits!

However, I disliked the frequent text pauses, as well as not being able to press a button to advance through the dialogue boxes faster. It's just that seeing the same bits of dialogue repeatedly (when characters buy stat boosts, for example) with no way to skip it makes the gameplay feel very slow, in my opinion.
Thanks! This is a game I made in less than a month,so I really need those feedback!

That's what I feel about the game play as well. I was worried it'll be too luck-based.
1. You should have read the guide~
2. Hmm..I need more time to bring up more items for this. For example, players could buy a 3 DICE that can move them 3 spaces forward. Also, the REST command can help lots.

Thank you~

Yup, for the AI, I was actually planning to auto-close their messages. I'll edit those as soon as I can.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ De-facto operator of the unofficial RMN IRC channel.
Really liked the premise of the game, but I found a few things to be annoying:

1. The boss battles. For all the banter about the whole tourney being fair for everyone, the boss battles are a case of "last guy who comes wins".
To talk specifically of the boss featured in the stage currently available, none of the AIs nor myself (assuming without item usage) could manage to obtain victory when we encountered the boss when he was at full 2500 HP. Whoever came next was almost always the one to kill him and obtain the 2000 gold loot almost effortlessly. This effectively makes you want to avoid the boss battles (this was probably intended?) but also makes you want to use the other players as pawns for your soon-to-come effortless 2000 gold and absolutely hate yourself when you end up facing the boss first since you're helping your opponents if you fight the boss.
As an answer to the problem, might I suggest that the boss fully recover his HP after each encounter that does not result in the boss being killed? This leaves a fair chance for everyone to either kill or be killed by the boss rather than the current "last come first served" philosophy.

EDIT: To build on the boss battles, it would be a nice touch to see an option for all/some of the players to take on the boss (possibly powered up?) as a team and split the pot evenly if they win. It would be a nice break from the repetitive one-on-one duels.

2. Melkino seems to have already addressed the lack of auto-closing messages, but I'll reiterate here that I too found it extremely tedious. I'm glad to hear this will be addressed ASAP!

3. I'd like to see a chance of failure added to the "theft" event from the "?" tiles. Considering half of a player's entire gold is being stolen, there needs to be a chance of failure to balance it out. An alternative is having a choice for the defending player to either battle the thief or give him the money. Basically something so there's a chance to defend our/their money.

4. I was a bit overwhelmed at the speed the battles were going. Most of the time I didn't have enough time to look through my skills or items menus because time doesn't seem to stop while I'm looking (I apologize if the time does stop, battles were so fast I didn't have an opportunity to confirm one way or another). I wouldn't mind if the battles would allow me a little breathing room to contemplate my moves.

Keep it up! The game has definite promise with the way it's going. (ノゝ∀・)~キラ☆
Devil's in the details
This definitely was interesting, but I felt it took too long to follow the turns of the other players and I wished I could skip or speed them up.
This looks pretty cool!
Those are some pretty need observation and ideas. I would love to fix and implement them.

Yeah, I'll be working on fixing it~

Thank you!
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