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Exile’s Journey is a dark fantasy RPG. The story centers around a former knight named Kniryk and his quest to stop a demon invasion that is occurring throughout the Kingdom of Nysoroth, where most of the game takes place.

The game focuses on the internal struggles of the main characters in addition to the aforementioned invasion and its impact on the Kingdom.

The main character of the game is Kniryk. An exile by choice, he's now presumed dead in Landoria, his homeland. He's a righteous man, always acting with a sense of honor. However, he is often torn when justice and law conflict. He wears the red cape of the Knights of Landoria as a testament to what they originally stood for before their corruption. He's joined in his quest by others who also question their purpose in the world.

This game is a love letter to RPG Maker and role-playing games as a whole. With Exile's Journey, I strived to make a game that feels wholly consistent and maintains a professional feel. I've been using RPG Maker since 2003.


Highly engrossing storyline - You'll be hooked playing as these characters, learning about their diverse backgrounds, and watching as they develop and solve their own personal conflicts.

Open ended gameplay - After an introductory section, you're allowed to complete the game's dungeons in any order you want!

Numerous side quests - These side quests are optional, but without them you won't receive the game's best armor and equipment, or the game's only method of air travel! These side quests feature story lines of their own and offer a break from the game's main story.

15+ hours of gameplay - This game will be much longer and more epic than your average RPG Maker game!

Extremely detailed world - This game takes doesn't allow you to travel the whole world, only the large and extremely detailed Kingdom of Nysoroth. After playing and learning of the country's cultures and history you'll feel like a true Nysorothian!

Original music - Many of this music are original tracks, many of them composed by myself for the game!

Custom sound effects - I created many of the game's sound effects, including the menu sound effects, on a Korg Wavestation synthesizer!

Weapon upgrade system - Some weapons will almost never become obsolete thanks to this!

No random encounters - see enemies on the map before engaging them!

Treasure tracking - The game keeps track of all the treasure you've found in the main dungeons! Find all treasure chests to obtain a special reward!

Latest Blog

Version 1.7 Patch (July 31st, 2020)

Hello, everyone. I hope you're all doing well. I've finally reached my goal of achieving Featured Game status on RMN! Thank you for all of your support. I'm hard at work on my next two games - one of which will be a direct sequel, and one of which will be a side-game. I am working on the side-game first, and I hope to release that as soon as possible. Stay tuned for updates on that - I am excited to unveil it.

I have uploaded a new patch.

To install the patch, simply paste the files into the Exile's Journey folder and overwrite.

NOTE: Each patch file contains EVERY change made since the game's initial release. If you missed a patch, don't fret! Installing the latest patch file will bring you up to speed.


The Goblin Sword has been slightly buffed.
Fixed various tileset errors.
Upgrading an Icebrand sword no longer results in you getting an upgraded Thunderbrand sword.
It is no longer possible to cross the river south of Croespentre on the world map without using the bridge.
Landing behind Arwald from the air is no longer possible, to prevent players from losing access to their method of air travel.
Various typo and message box trail-off fixes.
Fixed an error related to upgrading a Demonic Staff prior to partying up with Morgana.
It no longer rains when it's not supposed to at the Towering Fortress of Taranis.


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Congrats on being Featured :D

Thank you! It is a great honor to be featured on what I've always considered to be the best game-making website.
Congrats on being the best game of the month on the best gammak site!
Congrats! Really deserved, great game indeed, probably the current version is even better the one I reviewed!
Congrats on being featured!!! You most certainly deserve it! Well done :)
Can't wait to see more games from you!
What's the drop rate for the Goblin Sword at the beginning of the game? I can't seem to get one.
What's the drop rate for the Goblin Sword at the beginning of the game? I can't seem to get one.

10%. I wouldn't sweat it too much if you can't get it. It's mildly useful for the first dungeon, but that's about it. It's real value comes from selling it.

Thank you for the kind words, everybody. :)
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